During the EAHS National Championship held on the 26-29th of March in Abu Dhabi several produce of Michałów-bred horses were seen performing. In the two year old fillies class victorious was Zyn Yas (AE), daughter of Michałów's Larando (QR Marc - Laranda/Ekstern). Fifth in the three year old fillies class was Face of Yas (AE), daughter of Michałow's Wieża Snów (Emigrant - Wieża Babel/Laheeb). Third and fifth in the 4 year old and above mares class were Leen MS (AE), daughter of Michałów parents Esparto and Formina by Laheeb and D Marami (AE), daughter of Embella (Monogramm - Emanacja/Eukaliptus). Fourth place in the C series of the yearling colts class went to Rakan Alyah (AE), son of Michałów's Ellua (Al Maraam - Ellanda/Wojsław), while in the D series second was the son of Nona (Esparto - Norma/Gazal Al Shaqab), Kanz Al Maydan (AE). Fourth place in the two year old colts class went to SK Ward (AE), son of El Saghira (Galba - Emira/Laheeb), while victorious in the three year old colts class was Sarab Albidayer (AE), grandson of Eskalopka (Monogramm - Egzotyka/Probat), who in the finals won the Junior Bronze Champion Stallion title.