Great auction of wonderful Arabian horses has been organised in Janów Podlaski since 1970. Event attracts many Arabian horse lovers from all over the world. The main organizers are the state studs from Janów Podlaski, Michałów and Białka. After main auction – Pride of Poland - there is Summer Sale and with Polish National Show are part of Arabian Horse Days. As a part of this festival there are also open days in state studs.

Arabian Horse Days organised in August are great promotion of Arabian horses in the world. The main auction is always extremely exciting event. Foreign breeders has been always willing to pay tremendous amount of money for horses bred in Poland. In 1999, stallion Druid, the best polish horse race after the World War II, reached the price of half a million dollars, what was the highest one for previous fifteen years. The best mares bred by Michałów State Stud also brought a lot of emotions. Kwestura in 2008 was sold with the price of 1,125,000 dollars, Fallada in 2009 for 465,000, Piacenza in 2011 for 475,000, Ejrene in 2012 for 440,000, El Saghira in 2013 for 500,000, Ekspulsjka in 2013 for 400,000, Piacolla in 2014 for 305,000, Pistoria in 2015 - 625,000 dollars.