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A hot weekend in Tarnów

The last weekend of June was spent by the majority of Arabian enthusiasts at the Klikowska Ostoja Polskich Koni in Tarnów, where the All-Polish Championships were organized by the Polish Arabian Horse Breeders Association.

This is the second edition of the show, which was initiated by Mr. Stanisław Redestowicz, to be held in Tarnów again after the reactivation.

 It was hot, not only because of the truly Africa aura, but mainly thanks to our horses, which showed great performance in hand and under saddle classes.

For the first time this year, as part of the All-Polish Arabian Horse Championship show, Endurance Competitions took place, in which the pair Echaron (Ontario HF – Echara/ Wiliam) and Artur Chrzanowski made their debut, taking third place in the L-20 km class. with the best time of 1:30:02. We could also observe our charges in endurance competitions: ELEGIUSZ (Medalion – Elgora / Poganin), EMBER (Kurier – Echala / DA Adios), eighteen-year-old (!) EMINOR (Galba – Emigra / Eukaliptus) and DODGA (Dostatok – Demeter / Wojsław).

This pair also performed in Saturday’s Polish Historical Costume class, winning first place; fifth place in the same competition was taken by the second pair from Michałów – ZŁOTY MEDAL (QR Marc – Złota Orda/ Pesal) and Marta Jaros.

Echaron (Ontario HF – Echara/ Wiliam) and Artur Chrzanowski
ZŁOTY MEDAL (QR Marc – Złota Orda/ Pesal) and Marta Jaros

In Sunday’s Traditional Arabian Riding class, the turquoise pair of Złoty Medal and Marta won third place. This competition was won by the Michałów-bred stallion Purytanin (Kabsztad – Pustynna Malwa/Ektern), owned by Marcin Ziobro and ridden by Karolina Ziobro.

ZŁOTY MEDAL (QR Marc – Złota Orda/ Pesal) and Marta Jaros
PURYTANIN (Kabsztad – Pustynna Malwa/Ektern) and Karolina Ziobro

The main component of the All-Polish Arabian Horse Championship was the show of purebred horses of the B-Nat rank.

Two classes of yearling colts were won by our yearlings, Partes (Dominic M – Protekcja/Ekstern) in the A section, while Egner (Prometeusz – Emdrona/Medalion) confirmed his quality by winning the B section.

EGNER (Prometeusz – Emdrona/Medalion)
PARTES (Dominic M – Protekcja/Ekstern)

In the yearling fillies classes we had two representatives, Perlita (Erantis – Pustynia Kahila/Kahil Al Shaqab) and El Mahmala (Prometeusz – El Medonia/Shanghai E.A.), both of whom qualified for Sunday’s championships, third (Perlita) and second (El Mahmala). .

We couldn’t miss the 2-year-old junior mares classes. Wildonara, snow-white like her perfect mother Wildona, received 91.75 points from the judges with a “nineteen”!!! for body, which gave her a pass to the championships with second place in class.

WILDONARA (Paris – Wildona/ Shanghai E.A.)

For the two-year-old Elegantia (AJ Azzam – Ellissima/Albedo) this is the second show in her life, two “20s” for movement and a class win again.

ELEGANTIA (AJ Azzam – Ellissima/Albedo)

The most spectacular part of the show that guests are waiting for are the senior mares classes. In the world of Arabian horse breeders, it is said that Polish Arabian horses are like wine, the older they are, the better.

This year, the audience could admire five mares from Michałów in the ring, of which the following won their classes: EL MARIELLA (Morion – El Marina / Ganges) with a score of 92 points and six “20s”, including one for type and five for movement, EL MEDIDA (Morion – El Medara / Shanghai E.A.), who received five “20s” (for type, head and neck and movement) and a final score of 92.75 points, and POGANINKA (El Omari – Pentra / Poganin), who literally flew through the ring, which she received a set of “20s” for, and three for the head and neck, which gave her a final score of 92.83 points.

EL MARIELLA (Morion – El Marina / Ganges)
EL MEDIDA (Morion – El Medara / Shanghai E.A.)
POGANINKA (El Omari – Pentra / Poganin)
POGANINKA (El Omari – Pentra / Poganin)

EMANDILLA (Om El Shahmaan – Espadrilla / Monogramm) received the highest score of all the competing horses from Michałów (93 points, four 20s for type and six for movement), but had to accept the superiority of Adelita from the stable in Janów Podlaski and ultimately took second place in class. The chestnut EDICOLA (Shams Sharav AA – Emiliara / Kahil Al Shaqab) received one “20” for movement and finished her performance in third place with a score of 91.75 points.

EMANDILLA (Om El Shahmaan – Espadrilla / Monogramm)
EDICOLA (Shams Sharav AA – Emiliara / Kahil Al Shaqab)

The senior stallion classes were scheduled for Sunday. Michałów was represented by the stallion EL BRILLO (Morion – El Larinera/ Empire), who took second place in class, just behind the son of Michałów’s Wieża Czarów (Vitorio TO – Wieża Marzeń/ Ekstern) owned by Mr. Marek Rzepka, the stallion Wizard KL. Wizard KL was chosen Senior Champion Stallion in the afternoon. Congratulations!

EL BRILLO (Morion – El Larinera/ Empire)
Wizard KL (FA EL Rasheem – Wieża Czarów/ Vitorio TO)

We returned home with the title of Champion and Reserve Champion Yearling Stallion – Partes was selected by the judges for gold, while his stablemate Egner received a silver medal. In the Junior Mare Championships, Wildonara won the silver medal, and in the Senior Mare Championships, El Medida also won silver.

It was a very exhausting weekend for both the horses and their handlers. We would like to thank Mariusz Liśkiewicz and Artur Łojowski and the entire team for the enormous amount of work put into preparing the horses, and the entire audience for their warm support.

 The show in Tarnów was a great test before the National Show in Janów Podlaski. We return home full of hope and strength. There is hard work ahead of us, which we want to translate into show success.

PARTES (Dominic M – Protekcja/Ekstern)
EGNER (Prometeusz – Emdrona/Medalion)
WILDONARA (Paris – Wildona/ Shanghai E.A.)
EL MEDIDA (Morion – El Medara / Shanghai E.A.)

See you in Janów!

Photos: Sylwia Iłenda & Karolina Misztal

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