Photo: Gigi Grasso


AJ Azzam (PL) siwy ogier/ grey stallion, ur./born 2014
hodowca / breeder Ajman Stud, AE 
ród męski / sireline Mirage or.ar. 1919, hod. Anazeh Sebaa (B)
linia żeńska / damline Werdi or.ar. 1901, hod. Ibn Shalhub, imp. 1906 H. Davenport (US)
AJ Mardan (US) Vervaldee (US) Versace (US) Fame VF (US)
Precious as Gold (US)
Giavanna (US) NV Beau Bey (US)
Precious as Gold (US)
Felicia RLC (BR) Shael Dream Desert (IT) Ansata Shaamis (US)
Elettra (IT)
Camelia K (BR) Donatello K (BR)
Cameo Bey (US)
Ysadora (US) Marwan Al Shaqab (QA) Gazal Al Shaqab (QA) Anaza El Farid (US)
Kajora (US)
Little Liza Fame (US) Fame VF (US)
Katahza (US)
Ysabela (US) Parys El Jamaal (BR) Ali Jamaal (US)
FF Pavielle (US)
EA Moongypsy Echo Echo Magnifficoo (US)
RDM Moon Gypsy (US)
Niniejszy rodowód nie stanowi oficjalnego dokumentu / This is not official document.

Show record:

2015 Wels Yearling Gold Champion Colt

2015 Bruges Yearling Gold Champion Colt

2015 Tulip Cup Yearling Silver Champion Colt

2015 Elran Cup Junior Gold Champion Colt

2015 Al Khalediah European Arabian Yearling Gold Champion Colt


– All Nations Cup Yearling Gold Champion Colt

– European Yearling Gold Champion Colt

– World Yearling Gold Champion Colt

2016 Dubai International Gold Champion Colt

2017 All Nations Cup Junior Silver Champion Colt

AJ AZZAM is an exciting addition to the Michałów sire roster. A Triple Crown winner at just one year of age, he very much fulfilled the expectations of his breeder, Sheikh Ammar, the Crown Prince of Ajman.

AJ AZZAM’s sire is AJ MARDAN, also bred at the Sheikh’s stables. AJ MARDAN is a winner of countless titles across Europe and the Middle East, including the first Yearling Colt Championship at the All Nation’s Cup. AJ MARDAN is a son of the late VERVALDEE, full brother to World Champion Mare VENETZIA. VERVALDEE was purchased by Sheikh Ammar for his private use on his priceless mares, making his blood extremely rare and precious. VERVALDEE is a son of VERSACE, another incredible horse that passed away too soon. AJ MARDAN turned out an even better producer than show horse, having sired a World Champion Colt and European Triple Crown winner at just 4 years of age.

AJ AZZAM’s dam YSADORA is a daughter of MARWAN AL SHAQAB, son of GAZAL AL SHAQAB – two sires that are known for their exquisite daughters turned broodmares, many of them present and successful in the Polish breeding program.

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