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Autumn breeding inspection

On Wednesday, September 29, the long-awaited autumn breeding inspection took place at Michałów State Stud. Before the coronavirus pandemic, this type of event had benn organized twice a year and had been always a great opportunity to exchange views, analyze the breeding decisions and plans for the future. Thay is why we were excted to ave opoorunity to host, after a several-month break, breeders and lovers of Arabian horses, gathered at our stud.

The autumn breeding inspection was opened by the Acting President of Michałów State Stud, Marek Skomorowski, and the presentation of the herd and the results of the current breeding program was made by Magdalena Helak-Kulczyńska in the presence of Andrzej Stasiowski, the inspector representing the National Agricultural Support Center.

The 323 horses currently staying at the stud were presented in front of the breeders from state and private studs and lovers of Arabian horses. The rest horses, 12 mares and 8 stallions, are in racing training.

In accordance with generally accepted rules, horses were presented in all breeding groups. The review was started with weanings, and then we presented broodmares with offsprings that attracted considerable attention. Among them, the stars of next year’s shows appeared. It is worth emphasizing that this year 92 foals were born at the stud by 19 stallions representing 6 sirelines: Saklavi I, Kuhailan Afas or.ar, Krzyżyk or.ar, Kuhailan Haifi or.ar, Ibrahim or.ar. and Mirage or.ar ..

The part of the review related to the presentation of stallions aroused great emotions. Especially AJ AZZAM (AJ Mardan x Ysadora / Marwan Al Shaqab) leased from Ajman Stud, caught the attention, as his semen will be available for private breeders next year. We do not hide that we put great hope in the use of this stallion. Next year, 24 of his offspring are expected and today we would like to encourage you to make a decision to rder the breeding.

All those who were absent during the breeding review are invited to a short photo gallery, which will bring you closer to the atmosphere of this event!

Photos: Karolina Misztal Fotografia

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