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Białka 2022 – a bit of sunshine and a bit of rain…

… but no weather conditions could stop the young generations of Michałów horses from achieving a spectacular success at the Białka Junior Spring Show.

On a gloomy Saturday morning, the yearling colts were the first to appear in the show ring. In class 1A, the first place with the total score of 92.00 points belonged to the bay DELIKT (Morion – Diara by Eryks), while the grey ELAREN (Al Ayal AA – Espadrilla by Monogramm) scored 90.33 points and finished the competition in fourth place. Both colts were prepared and presented by Artur Łojowski.

DELIKT (Morion – Diara by Eryks)

In class 1B, another bay son of Morion and a great mover, EL MEDAR (out of El Medonia by Shanghai EA), won second place with the total score of 91.50 points. In the two-year-old colts’ category, the excellent EL BRILLO, another descendant of Morion (out of El Larinera by Empire), took the lead in the class with the final score of 91.67 points.

EL MEDAR (Morion – El Medonia by Shanghai EA)

EL MEDAR and EL BRILLO were prepared and presented by Paweł Syliwoniuk. In the same class, 90.17 points and fifth place were awarded to the bay PORTO RICO (Złoty Medal – Parmania by Kahil Al Shaqab), 2021 Silver Champion Yearling Colt, in the hands of Artur Łojowski.

EL BRILLO (Moriona – El Larinera by Empire)

The afternoon classes of yearling fillies took place in the pouring rain, which made it harder for the contenders to exhibit their movement and type at their finest. In class 4B, four fillies representing Michałów took fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh place and they were: DRIADA (Al Ayal AA – Dolores by Kabsztad) and Artur Łojowski with 91,33 points, PUSTYNIA SERC (Al Ayal AA – Pustynia Kahila by Kahil Al Shaqab) and Paweł Syliwoniuk with 91,17 points, LABONITA (Dominic M – Lakonia by Chimeryk) and Paweł Syliwoniuk with 90,83 points and ELLUNA (Woronin – El Larinera by Empire) and again Paweł Syliwoniuk with 90,67 points.

DRIADA (Al Ayal AA – Dolores by Kabsztad)

In the next class, despite difficult weather conditions, ZŁOTA AURA (Morion – Złotna by El Omari), shown perfectly by Artur Łojowski, won the class with the highest total score of the day – 92,67 points. Her stable companion MAHIMA (El Omari – Mahira by Ekstern), presented by Paweł Syliwoniuk, finished the competition in third place with 91,67 points.

ZŁOTA AURA (Morion – Złotna by El Omari)

Thanks to the organizers’ decision to move the last three classes to Sunday morning, two and three-year-old fillies stood a better chance to present their movement, which surely influenced the final scores. The judges seemed to be more generous than the day before and the much-awaited-by-everybody maximum marks appeared more often on the scoreboard. Second place in the two-year-old fillies’ class with a very high score of 93,17 points, 1×20 for type and maximum marks for movement was awarded to EL MARIELLA (Morion – El Marina by Ganges), prepared and presented by Artur Łojowski.

EL MARIELLA (Morion – El Marina by Ganges)

ZŁOTA MYŚL (Equator – Złota Bulla by Kahil Al Shaqab) ended the competition right behind her, with 2×20 for type, 1×20 for movement and a high final score of 92,83 points, for which her handler, Paweł Syliwoniuk, surely deserves credit.

ZŁOTA MYŚL (Equator – Złota Bulla by Kahil Al Shaqab)

Our only representative in the three-year-old class, the chestnut EDICOLA (Shams Sharav AA – Emiliara by Kahil Al Shaqab) in the hands of Artur Łojowski, placed fourth with a total mark of 92.00 points.

EDICOLA (Shams Sharav AA – Emiliara by Kahil Al Shaqab)

Altogether, seven out of fourteen (50%) Michałów contenders qualified for the championships, which in itself is a major success. However, before the judges made their final choices when it comes to champions, a few special awards were distributed among the competitors. It comes as no surprise that the excellently moving EL MARIELLA (with her handler Artur Łojowski) was awarded the best mover trophy.

EL MARIELLA (Morion – El Marina by Ganges)

Around 1 p.m. the temperature in the ring and the excitement among the spectators reached their peak. In the Yearling Colts Championship, the flying-in-the-air EL MEDAR repeated the last year’s success of his full brother, EL MAESTRO, becoming Gold Champion Yearling Colt. The next place on the podium was taken by the winner of class 1A, the bay DELIKT, who wore the Silver Champion rosette.

EL MEDAR (Morion – El Medonia by Shanghai EA) and DELIKT (Morion – Diara by Eryks)

The Yearling Fillies Championship was another triumph for Michałów horses. ZŁOTA AURA became Silver Champion Yearling Filly, while MAHIMA was awarded with a Top Ten title. In the Junior Colts Championship, the exquisite EL BRILLO left little doubt as to who deserved the gold medal and the Junior Fillies competition did not disappoint us either.

ZŁOTA AURA (Morion – Złotna by El Omari) and MAHIMA (El Omari – Mahira by Ekstern)

EL MARIELLA, 2021 Gold Champion Yearling Filly, this time became Bronze Champion Junior Filly, while ZŁOTA MYŚL, similarly to last year, finished the competition with a Top Five title.

EL MARIELLA (Morion – El Marina by Ganges) and ZŁOTA MYŚL (Equator – Złota Bulla by Kahil Al Shaqab)

The crowning achievement of our stud was the Best in Show Male trophy, where we admired two Michałów medalists, EL MEDAR and EL BRILLO. This time, the judges awarded the title to the older contender, the two-year-old EL BRILLO. We are pleased that all Michałów horses that qualified for the Sunday championships were recognized by the judges and even if they did not win a medal, they received Top Five titles at least.

EL BRILLO (Moriona – El Larinera by Empire)

The 2022 Białka show, similarly to last year, is also a great success of Morion as a sire. Apart from the Michałów medalists, Morion is the sire of Bronze Champion Yearling Colt, the grey LARGO KL (out of Lilli PS by Ekstern), bred and owned by Klikowa Arabians, as well as Bronze Champion Yearling Filly, the bay representant of Janow Podlaski Stud, BELLA MIA (out of Beira by Pogrom).

It should be pointed out that such a spectacular success would not be possible without great commitment of the whole Michałów team who for the last few months worked hard on preparing the horses for the first show of the season as well as those who worked with the horses before they were moved to the Michałów training barn.

We would like to thank the organizers for making their best to run the show smoothly. Big thanks to all that cheered for Michałów as well as other horses last weekend. 

And of course, we cordially congratulate all the other winners!

The photo gallery was prepared by the never-failing Karolina Misztal.

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