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Ladies and gentlemen,

with this entry writing I would like to open a series of articles which will revolve around aspect of everyday life in Michałow State Stud, breeding Arabian horses, Angloarabian, Shetland ponies, dairy cattle and the management of such a huge farm. In this difficult time for all of us, when the whole world has been dominated by the coronavirus pandemic, we want to share with you the fascinating phenomenons that we observe every day. They are beautiful in their simplicity, natural and unforgettable. We would like to invite you to participate in them through the reports of our experienced and highly valued employees who will co-create our blog entitled “The life in the Michałów State Stud”. Soon you will read about the interesting aspects of the work of animal production specialists, animal production workers and many others.

Taking this opportunity, I would also like to invite all breeders, both Polish and foreign, to take part in the Winter Arabian Horse Auction 2020 organized by Michałów State Stud. We have prepared an offer in cooperation with the Białka Stud and the Janów Podlaski Stud. These are specially selected mares and stallions, which will surely become an important issue in your breeding programme of Arabian horses.

The pandemic situation that we all face forced us to use modern forms of communication and conduct the entire auction process only online. We believe in its success! We are preparing everything paying attention to the smallest details. We will guide you through the entire registration which is available at www.michalow.onebid.pl. We will answer all your questions and we will dispel all your doubts.

Breeders who are interested in our offer and would like to see the offered horses at the stud, please contact us. The presentation of the offer will be organized in compliance with all required sanitary standards. In order to discuss the date, please contact our animal husbandry department in advance.

See you soon!

Marek Romański
the President of the Management Board Michałów State Stud

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