EKSTERN through the lens of Oliwia Chmielewska

Today morning, very sad news arrived from stable no 9. The legendary EKSTERN (Monogramm – Ernestyna by Piechur), the pride and joy of Michałów State Stud, has gone onto greener pastures at the age of 28. Unconquered in the show arenas around the world, this special stallion enchanted the crowds and touched the hearts wherever he made an appearance.

Today, we are not going to list his numerous achievements as a show champion and as a breeding stallion. Today, at Michałów Stud and among the people for whom EKSTERN was much more than a world-famous champion and an excellent producer, there is only room for unspeakable sadness and sorrow. Grief-stricken Michałów Stud Team have said goodbye to the stallion who not only became living legend but, above all, a longtime friend that will stay in our hearts forever.

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