Photo: Ewa Imielska-Hebda
Photo: Sylwia Iłenda
El Omari (PL) kaszt. ogier/chest. stallion, ur./born 2008
hodowca / breeder SK Michałów, PL
ród męski / sireline Saklawi I 1886, hod. Anazeh Ruala (B)
linia żeńska / damline Milordka ~1810, hod. Sławuta (PL)
Enzo (US) Padrons Psyche (US) Padron (NL) Patron (SU)
Odessa (NL)
Kilika (US) Tamerlan (SU)
Kilifa (DE)
RD Bey Shahmpane (US) Bey Shah (US) Bay El Bey (US)
Star of Ofir (US)
Bey Shahdar (US) Bey Shah (US)
Bold Darling (US)
Embra (PL) Monogramm (US) Negatraz (US) Bask (PL)
Negotka (US)
Monogramma (SU) Knippel (SU)
Monopolia (SU)
Emilda (PL) Pamir (PL) Probat (SE)
Parma (SU)
Emanacja (PL) Eukaliptus (PL)
Emigracja (PL)
Niniejszy rodowód nie stanowi oficjalnego dokumentu / This is not official document.

Measurements: 152-186-18.5

Racing record:

2011 – 8 starts: 1xI, 2xII, 3xIV

Show record:

2009: Autumn Show Silver Junior Champion Stallion – Janów Podlaski (PL)

2010: Polish Bronze Junior Champion Stallion – Janów Podlaski (PL)

2010: Autumn Show Junior Silver Champion Stallion – Janów Podlaski (PL)

2013: Polish National Senior Champion Stallion – Janów Podlaski (PL)

EL OMARI is a representative of the Saklavi I sire line through the famous PADRON PSYCHE branch. El Omari himself is a double Janów Podlaski Autumn Show Junior Reserve Champion, Polish National Junior Bronze Champion and finally Polish National Senior Champion Stallion. His most outstanding get includes EL OMARISSA (All-Polish Senior Bronze Champion Mare, Al Khalediah European Arabian Horse Festival Senior Silver Champion Mare, Babolna Senior Silver Champion Mare), POGANINKA (Junior Spring Show Champion Mare & Best in Show, Al Khalediah European Arabian Horse Festival Junior Gold Champion Mare, European Senior Silver Champion Mare), BELMARI (Junior Spring Show Bronze Champion Colt, All-Polish Junior Silver Champion Colt, twice Polish National Junior Silver Champion Stallion), ELGAROLIA (Polish National Junior Gold Champion Mare) and PESALINA (Junior Spring Show Gold Champion Mare). EL OMARI is also the sire of FERRMARIA – dam of the 2020 show sensation FERRUM – Junior Spring Show, Polish National & European Gold Champion Colt.

EL OMARI’s dam EMBRA comes from Michałów’s famous E dynasty of champions stemming from EMIGRACJA. EMBRA herself is a Senior Top Five Mare from Aachen and Moorsele, a Senior Top Ten Mare from Paris and a Senior Reserve Champion from the Arabian Breeders World Cup in Las Vegas.

EMBRA’s first foal EMIRA claimed the titles of Polish National Junior & Senior Champion Mare, the All Nation Cup Junior Champion title, as well as a slew of other European and Middle Eastern credits to her name. EMIRA turned into broodmare extraordinaire, producing EL SAGHIRA (Belgian Arabian Prestige International Junior Reserve Champion, UK International Junior Reserve Champion, Ströhen International Senior Bronze Champion, Polish National Senior Reserve Champion, World Senior Top Ten) and chief sire EMPIRE (Junior Spring Show Reserve Champion, Polish National Junior Champion, European Junior Bronze Champion, World Junior Top Ten, Wels International Junior Champion).

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