Ember (PL) siwy ogier/grey stallion, ur./born 2019
hodowca / breeder SK Michałów, PL
ród męski / sireline Ilderim or.ar. 1894, imp. 1900 Sławuta (PL)
linia żeńska / damline Milordka ~1810, hod. Sławuta (PL)
Kurier (RU) Egis (PL) Penitent (PL) Partner (PL)
Penza (PL)
Estrada (PL) Burkan (GB)
Estonia (PL)
Kazna (RU) Anchar (SU) Moment (SU)
Nutria (SU)
Kuraga (SU) Aswan (EG)
Kiprida (SU)
Echala (PL) DA Adios (US) Wiking (PL) Etap (PL)
Wilma (PL)
Sanibel IA (US) Samtyr (US)
Sanna (PL)
Echmea (PL) Druid (PL) Wojsław (PL)
Dalida (PL)
Estepona (PL) Pepton (PL)
Estrela (PL)
Niniejszy rodowód nie stanowi oficjalnego dokumentu / This is not official document.

Racing record:

2022-2023: 10 starts – 2xI, 1xIII, 2xIV, 2xV (Sambor St. – cat. A)

A debutante in the 2024 breeding season, EMBER is a tenacious athlete with a pedigree full of stamina.

His sire Russian-bred KURIER raced 27 times with 9 wins, including the Naseem St. and Aswan St. and placing third in the Moscow Derby. KURIER is a son of the Polish-bred EGIS, who raced 16 times over two seasons, winning 7 races, including the Derby, Bandos St. and Embargo St. KURIER’s dam KAZNA won the Mammona St. and was considered one the best broodmares at Chrenowoje Stud, producing as many as 12 offspring valiant at the track.

EMBER’s dam ECHALA is a three-time race winner, with strong second-place finishes in the Oaks and Sasanka St. ECHALA is out of ECHMEA, who also produced eight other race winners: ECHETA, ECHMEDA, ECHOMEJLA, ETHOS, ECHARA, EINAR, ECHANA and ECHOLA. All these accomplished siblings stem from granddam ESTEPONA, winner of the Oaks.

EMBER’s damline is also full of racing sires. His dam is by DA ADIOS winner of 19 races over 5 seasons, including all the most important races in the US – for this his was awarded the WAHO Trophy in America. EMBER’s granddam is by DRUID, the best Polish race horse of the 90s, victorious in 13 races (out of 16 starts), including the Derby, Criterium St. (twice), Europa Cup (twice) and 5 other stake races. Whereas EMBER’s great-granddam ESTEPONA is by the great PEPTON, stamina and beauty in one – winner of the nine stake races, as well as crowned Polish National Senior Champion Stallion.

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