Photo: Sylwia Iłenda

Erantis (PL) kaszt. ogier/chest. stallion, ur./born 2017
hodowca / breeder SK Janów Podlaski, PL
ród męski / sireline Saklawi I 1886, hod. Anazeh Ruala (B)
linia żeńska / damline Sahara or.ar./DB ~1840, hod. Arabia, imp. 1845 Jarczowce (PL)
Ascot DD (BE) Glorius Apal (US) Justify (US) Magnum Psyche (US)
S Justadream (US)
Gloria Apal (BE) Psytedel (US)
SA Misha Apal (BE)
Lady Nina DD (BE) Psytadel (US) Padrons Psyche (US)
Bint Bey Shah (US)
Monogrammed Lady (US) Monogramm (US)
Agracious Lady (US)
Eugara (PL) Om El Bellissimo (US) Om El Shahmaan (US) Sanadik El Shaklan (DE)
Om El Shaina (DE)
Om El Benedict (US) Sanadik El Shaklan (DE)
Om El Beneera (DE)
Eudora (PL) Piaff (PL) Eldon (PL)
Pipi (PL)
Euzetia (PL) Etogram (PL)
Euzebia (PL)
Niniejszy rodowód nie stanowi oficjalnego dokumentu / This is not official document.

Measurements: 150-167-18 cm

Show record:

2018: Silver Champion Yearling Colt at Junior Spring Show – Białka (PL)

2018: Polish National Silver Champion Junior Colt – Warsaw (PL)

2018: Bronze Champion Yearling Colt at Al Khalediah European Arabian Horse Festival – Nowe Wrońska (PL)

2019: Gold Champion Junior Colt at Junior Spring Show – Białka (PL)

2019: Gold Champion Junior Colt at All-Polish Arabian Horse Championship – Radom (PL)

2019: Polish National Bronze Champion Junior Colt – Janów Podlaski (PL)

2019: Bronze Champion Junior Colt at Al Khalediah European Arabian Horse Festival – Nowe Wrońska (PL)

2021: Polish National Silver Champion Senior Stallion – Janów Podlaski (PL)

2021: Sliver Champion Senior Stallion at EuroCup – Prague (CZE)

2021: Top Ten Senior Stallion at the World Arabian Horse Championships – Paris (FRA)

ERANTIS is a charismatic chestnut representative of the superb Saklawi I sire line which has dominated the show arenas around the world. Tail male, he is the direct descendant of the champion producer PADRONS PSYCHE, unbeaten when it comes to the number of progeny winning at the shows overseas. Actually, the sire of ERANTIS, the eleven-year-old mutichampion ASCOT DD, is heavily linebred to his famous ancestor, the above-mentioned PADRONS PSYCHE. It is worth noting that tail female ASCOT DD traces back to the precious Polish mare GASTRONOMIA who started a highly valued family in Michałów through her bay daughter GILZA. ASCOT DD has many European champion titles to his credit, including the 2012 Vice-champion Yearling Colt in Menton, Aachen and Paris as well as the European Champion Yearling Colt in Moorsele. A year after, ASCOT DD continued his stride to success in the Middle East, winning the Vice-champion Junior Colt title at the shows in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Dubai. In 2013, he also repeated his achievements in Menton and Paris, this time in the junior colt section, while at the 2014 European Championships in Lier, he became Bronze Champion Junior Colt.

EUGARA, the dam of ERANTIS, is a beautiful grey daughter of the exotic OM EL BELLISSIMO and a representative of the prominent Polish dam line of Sahara DB. Interestingly enough, OM EL BELLISSIMO is himself highly inbred to the extremely valuable stallion EL SHAKLAN and the legendary mare ESTOPA, the progenitor of the most precious family of the famous Om El Arab Stud. EUGARA’S dam, the grey EUDORA, is a great-granddaughter of a meritorious mare EUROPA, one of the most precious daughters of the epochal stallion BANDOS.

After being highly successful at the national and international show rings, ERANTIS has started his breeding career, standing two seasons at his home stud in Janów Podlaski, where he has already left very promising progeny.

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