Photo: Sylwia Ilenda
Falset (PL) siwy ogier/ grey stallion, ur./born 2018
hodowca / breeder SK Michałów, PL
ród męski / sireline Kuhailan Haifi or.ar. 1923, hod. Khalef el Aouad, imp. 1931 Gumniska (PL)
linia żeńska / damline Ukrainka ~1815, hod. Sławuta (PL)
Ekstern (PL) Monogramm (US) Negatraz (US) Bask (PL)
Negotka (US)
Monogramma (SU) Knippel (SU)
Monopolia (SU)
Ernestyna (PL) Piechur (PL) Banat (PL)
Pierzeja (PL)
Erwina (PL) Palas (SU)
Elegancja (PL)
Flaminia (PL) Gaspar (PL) Emigrant (PL) Ararat (PL)
Emigrantka (PL)
Gaskonia (PL) Probat (SE)
Gizela (PL)
Filistia (PL) Gazal Al Shaqab (QA) Anaza El Farid (US)
Kajora (US)
Fantazja (PL) Wachlarz (PL)
Fanaberia (PL)
Niniejszy rodowód nie stanowi oficjalnego dokumentu / This is not official document.

Measurements: 150-172-18.5

Racing record:

2021 – 6 starts: 1xIII, 1xV

Show record:

  • 2020 Junior Spring Show Top Five Colt

FALSET is a new addition to the Michałów stallion roster. His pedigree is built around the finest horses bred at Michałów Stud – the iconic EKSTERN and the damline of FORTA, with GASPAR, GASKONIA and EMIGRANT, on his dam’s side.

EKSTERN needs no introduction. Affectionately dubbed “the King of the Ring”, EKSTERN remains an undefeated show champion with nine prestigious titles to their name, among them Polish National Junior & Senior Champion Stallion, 2000 European Triple Crown winner as All Nations Cup, European & World Senior Champion Stallion, Mercedes Diamond Cup Champion and a WAHO Trophy honoree for an outstanding individual of Arabian breeding. But more importantly EKSTERN is a producer of champions and champion producers, passing on his exquisite features.

On the distaff side FALSET lays claim tothe remarkably athletic family of FORTA. This prolific brown beauty foaled a whole line-up of capable performers, including Criterium St. winners CZORT, FINISZ & EQUIFOR (the latter also a Derby winner) and two Oaks winning daughters: DYSKA & FATMA. Apart from racehorses, FATMA established an important subline at Michałów that became successful also on the show arena. The most renown is of course FALLADA, of Michałów’s “Big Threesome” of MONOGRAMM daughters (alongside KWESTURA & ZAGROBLA).

FALSET lays claim to FALLADA by means of his great-granddam FANTAZJA, the champion mare’s sister. More highly decorated siblings include Polish National Junior Champion FORTISSIMA and North Staffs Group Senior Bronze Champion & Midlands Arabian Festival Senior Reserve Champion FERRARI. FANTAZJA herself is a class winner from the Junior Spring Show in Białka. Her daughter FILISTIA (FLAMINIA’s dam) continued the family’s showy tradition by placing second at the Kuwait International Championships twice in the senior mares’ class. Her son, FADHLAAN (FLAMINIA’s brother), has also been a top five finalist at the same show three times. Not to be outdone by her sibling, FLAMINIA (Falset’s dam) boasts a class win from her debut at the Junior Spring Show, which she claimed with a very respectable score of 42 pts, including a top mark for movement.

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