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The Białka Junior Spring Show for Arabian Horses was the event long awaited by breeders and lovers of this breed. We, the Michałów State Stud, were also looking forward to it. It was also a great opportunity for us to present the results and effects of the breeding work of the entire team.

The undisputed triumph of the Michałów State Stud, the victory in all four championships by colts FERRUM (Morion x Ferrmaria/El Omari), EL MAESTRO (Morion x El Medonia/Shanghai EA) and fillies EL MEDIDA (Morion x El Medara / Shanghai E.A.), EL MARIELLA (Morion x El Marina / Ganges), winning three silver medals that went to PORTO RICO (Złoty Medal x Parmania / Kahil Al Shaqab), POINTER (Sahm El Arab x Palanga / Ekstern), EL ESMERA (Sahm El Arab x Esmeraldia / QR Marc) and two brpnze medal gained by EMIREMIA (Morion x Emblema / Chimeryk) and FORGA (Morion x Forgissima / Vitorio TO), is the unprecedented situation. I would like to emphasize that this success began in 2012, when the then President of the Board of Michałów State Stud, Jerzy Białobok, decided to breed the mare MESALINA (Ekstern x Mata Hari / Werbum) by the stallion Kahil Al Shaqab. As a result of this breeding plan, in 2013 there was born in stable no. 4, colloquially known as the “delivery stable”, MORION, 2015 Junior Stallion World Champion. This outstanding stallion, whose first Polish foals crop appeared relatively recently, in 2019, has already earned the title of „champions maker”.

This undoubted success was possible to gain due to every member of our team. Therefore, I would like to thank everyone involved. Without your daily, hard, necessary work, this would not be possible!

We cannot let aourselves be complacent. There are new challenges ahead of us. This time in France, at the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, in Menton, during the XXX jubilee Menton Mediterranean and Arab Countries Arabian Horse Championship Show, five our horses will be presented: FERRUM (Morion x Ferrmaria / El Omari), EL MEDIDA (Morion x El Medara / Shanghai EA ), EL BELLISIMA (Ascot DD x Ekliptyka / Ekstern), PROTEKCJA (Ekstern x Pentra / Poganin) and WILDONA (Shanghai E.A. x Wilda / Gazal Al Shaqab). 

Today I invite you to follow the show thanks to the online broadcast prepared by the Arabian Essence team.

Marek Romański

Acting President of the Board

Michałów State Stud

 Photos: Karolina Misztal Fotografia

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