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Happy Birthday, PALMIRA!

Yesterday, 2nd February, PALMIRA (Monogramm x Palestra/ Penitent) celebrated her 26th birthday. She is one of three Monogramm’s daugter, among Espadrilla and Emocja, which remained at our stud. PALMIRA is a mare that does not need to be introduced to the public in details. Those who were lucky enough to admire her during the shows agree that her exceptional beauty, Arabian bouquet and phenomenal movement were breathtaking. Among numerous titles, WAHO Trophy, which she received in 2010, should be distinguished. 

PALMIRA is the mother of the beautiful Pistoria (by Gazal Al Shaqab),sold in 2015 for a considerable sum of 625 thousand Euro at the Pride of Poland Auction and Parmana (by Al Maraam), the dam of Parmania (by Kahil Al Shaqab) and the promising colt Ptolemeusz (by Michałów State Stud stallion Złoty Medal).PALMIRA, despite her age, is in excellent condition, enjoys good health and life in her home stud, where she is surrounded by excellent daily care and love.We hope she will stay with us for many years!

Happy Birthday, PALMIRA

Photo: Karolina Misztal

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