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Life at Michałów Stud “A few words about the EQUATOR …”

The stallion Equator (QR Marc x Ekliptyka / Ekstern) is a horse that has aroused great public interest in recent days, which I understand completely. Taking this opportunity, I would like to bring the details to all interested and dispel all doubts as far as possible.

According to the contract, the stallion Equator was leased from July 2019 to 31st January, 2021 by Al Makhldiat Stud in Saudi Arabia. As the expiry date of the lease agreement approached, we sent correspondence via e-mail regarding the return of Equator to Poland, but we did not receive any reply. Even then, I suspected that silence on the part of Al Makhldiat Stud could have meant that they wanted to unlawfully detain our stallion. I, as the person responsible for the Michałów State Stud, I could not allow it.

I knew that I could not let a dishonest business partner turn over our property with impunity, as was in the case of mare Encarina, which has not yet returned to her home stud.

Due to the fact that all attempts to contact the lessee directly to discuss the return of Equator to Michałów Stud were unsuccessful, we started multi-track actions aimed at bringing the stallion to the country. In February this year. we asked the Embassy of Saudi Arabia for help and support in picking up the stallion from the lessee. At the same time, on 12nd February this year. Michałów Steate has signed a cooperation agreement with Al Jawaher Stud in the United Arab Emirates. The provisions of the above agreement provided for the transfer of Equator from Saudi Arabia to Dubai and its participation in DIAHC 2021 (Dubai International Arabian Horse Championship 2021), and then return to Poland.

According to the plan, Equator was to arrive in Dubai at the beginning of March 2021. The former lessee consistently refused to hand over the stallion to Al Jawaher Stud, holding him „hostage” and first demanding the rights to purchase the stallion for an amount inadequate to its value and a declaration of waiver of financial and administrative claims in connection with the concluded lease contract. Of course, I couldn’t agree to that.

Equator managed to be “got out” on Wednesday in the evening, hence his arrival in Dubai took place on Thursday 18th March.

Due to the late arrival of Equator at DIAHC 2021Al Shaqran Stud, owner of the stallion E.S. Harir, lodged a protest, which unfortunately was accepted and Equator was removed from the list of participants by an administrative decision an hour before the performance. We all remember Equator’s victory in 2018 at the Arabian Horse World Championships in Paris. The victory over the stallion E.S. Harir was not accepted by its owner who refused to go out for decoration. I understand that in Dubai, Al Shaqran Stud was also afraid of Equator’s performance and competition, hence their dramatic actions aimed at depriving him of the opportunity to enter the ring and reach for victory. The whole situation is unprecedented.

We respect all our business partners and expect the same from them. We will never allow any illegal or non-contractual annexation of our horses. We will always fight for their return to their home stud, where they belong.

I would also like to thank Al Jawaher Stud for their cooperation and great commitment in picking up the Equator and transporting him to the United Arab Emirates.

At the moment, the return journey of Equator to Poland is planned. We are all waiting for the day when he will cross the Michałów State Stud entrance gate and enter the stall box prepared for him. Then we will consider “Operation EQUATOR” successful.

Marek Romański

Acting President of the Board

SK Michałów Sp z o.o.

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