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Michałów State Stud hosted the students of Wrocław University of Environmental and Live Sciences

On 2nd and 3rd April, Michałów State Stud had the pleasure to welcome the students of Equine Science at Wrocław University of Environmental and Live Sciences. The postgraduate students’ meeting was for the first time held in Michałów under the watchful gaze of the faculty advisor, Ewa Jodkowska, PhD Eng. and her assistant, Izabela Bek-Kaczkowska, PhD Eng. On Saturday morning, the attendees visited all the Michałów stables where the acting president of the stud, Monika Słowik, MSc Eng., assisted by the Michałów horse breeding specialist, Marta Jaros, MSc Eng., talked about everyday life at the stud. From the European Centre for Horse Reproduction which was the last stage of the tour, the students moved to the show arena where they had the chance to admire some horses bred and owned by Michałów State Stud intended for shows as well as an attractive Appaloosa gelding. The presentation met with undisguised admiration of the attendees and finished with a joint photo which featured the students and Michałów Stud team accompanied by the Appaloosa gelding BASZKIR and the grey Arabian mare EL ESMERA.

After the tour of the stud and presentation of horses, the theoretical part of the meeting commenced. The first lecture, delivered by Andrzej Stasiowski, MSc Eng., the senior horse breeding specialist of National Support Centre for Agriculture, depicted the current situation at the horse studs and stallion depots supervised by NSCA. The next lecturer, Monika Słowik, talked about the wellbeing of horses at Michałów Stud with particular emphasis on the feeding requirements for different age groups. The programme and perspectives for development of Małopolski horses was discussed by Katarzyna Wiszowaty, MSc Eng. who closed the Saturday session.

On early Sunday morning, the students divided into two groups had the opportunity to see the morning routine in the stables. Afterwards, both groups met in the Old Warehouse to take part in the remaining lectures. Monika Słowik talked about the daily schedule and seasonality at Michałów Stud, whereas prof. Anna Stachurska, PhD discussed the details of coat colour inheritance in horses. After getting acquainted with the theory of genetic predispositions for particular coat colours, the students had the chance to put their newly acquired knowledge into practice. The last speaker of the meeting, Jerzy Białobok, MSc Eng., the former long-term director and president of Michałów Stud, spoke about the history of Michałów and the current Arabian horse breeding situation at the stud. During the break, the students had the opportunity to visit the impressive Michałów Stud museum with numerous trophies collected throughout the years.

Despite the unexpected return of winter and unfavourable weather conditions, the attendees were very pleased with how the meeting went, which gives us hope that it is not their last time at Michałów Stud.

We cordially invite you to have a look at the large photo gallery prepared by Karolina Misztal and Kamila Kozłowska.

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