Great news for Polish breeders!

The semen of the stallion WARES (Piruet x Wernera / Tallin), a representative of the Kuhailan Afas d.b. sireline, will be available for Polish owners of Arabian mares registered in PASB with a 50% discount.

The foals, born this year at Michałów Stud, by WARES (Piruet x Wernera / Tallin), are very promising and fill us with a large dose of optimism. We are pleased to observe their development.

WARES (Piruet x Wernera / Tallin) will remain at the disposal of Polish breeders until the end of July 2021.

On the second day (2nd May) during the opening weekend of the horse racing season at Warsaw's Służewiec Racetrack our 4-year-old ECHARON (Ontario HF x Echara / William), trained and ridden by Małgorzata Kryszyłowicz in the 6th race for Nagroda KABARETA, passed the crosshair in fifth position, covering the distance 2000 m on a highly flexible track in 2:30.1.

Nevertheless, race of ESCALOS (Kurier x Emosa / DA Adios) was not the only dose of emotions we experienced on Sunday. In his debut, our 3-year-old chestnut ESCALOS (Kurier x Emosa / DA Adios) crossed the finish line in the third position in the 1st race for 3-year-old purebred Arabian horses of the II group, which haven't run. ESCALOS is trained by Małgorzata Łojek, and on Sunday was ridden by S. Abaev. He covered the distance of 1600 m on a very flexible track in 2: 01.9.

There is a retransmission of the races prepared by the Służewiec iTV team at the link below:

Day 2, 6th Race

ECHARON (Ontario HF x Echara / William)

Day 2, 1st Race

ESCALOS (Kurier x Emosa / DA Adios)


Tomorrow, on 1st May, at the Służewiec Racetrack in Warsaw, the long-awaited racing season will start. Unfortunately, this time, due to epidemic restrictions without the participation of the public, but organizer will allow us to follow the event through online broadcasts available on the website:

Preparation for the racing season is a very important period. The choice of horses and coaching staff are decisions that have a huge impact on success and its importance.

In the upcoming season, we will see at the racetracks 22 horses bred and owned by Michałów State Stud. They are progenies of Michałów State Stud stallions GANGES (Monogramm x Garonna / Fanatyk), FORMAN (Wachlarz x Formia / Gazal Al Shaqab), ZŁOTY MEDAL (QR Marc x Złota Orda / Pesal), EMPIRE (Enzo x Emira / Laheeb), EL OMARI (Enzo x Embra / Monogramm), EKSTERN (Monogramm x Ernestyna / Piechur) and the foreign stallions ONTARIO HF (Monarch AH x HF Orzonna / Pepton), KURIER (Egis x Kazna / Anchar), WARES (Ontario HF x  Wienerva / Santhos).

Next Sunday, 2nd May, our 4-year-old ECHARON (Ontario HF x Echara / Wiliam) will enter the starting machine, ridden by his trainer Małgorzatę Kryszyłowicz will fight for the victory and winning the Kabaret Prize in Race for 4-year-old arabian stallions and mares.

The Kabaret Prize is a race that dates back to 1980. Kabaret (Bandos x Kreolka / Nabor) is a stallion born in 1973 and bred at Janów Podlaski State Stud. He was a representative of the Ibrahim d.b.. He ran for three seasons led by coach Andrzej Walicki, winning the Derby in 1977. The Kabaret Prize was won, among others, by Derby winners: Saszetka (1981), Piechur (1984), Wilczur (1987), Emael (three times: 1992-94) and Druid (1998). If ECHARON wins, and it should be noted that he is selected to win, he will be included in this honorable group.

"Travels are challenge, fight, victory. And returns are love."

Barbara Kosmowska, The Blue Bus

Today at 7:45 am our WILDONA (Shanghai EA x Wilda / Gazal Al Shaqab) crossed the entrance gate of Michałów Stud. She returned from a long and distant journey. She proudly represented her home stud, initially in the name of the leasee, and then in the name of Michałów State Stud. She won many prestigious awards, including the title of Reserve Championof 22nd Sharjah International Arabian Horse Festival at the beginning of March this year. We are very proud of her. At the same time, we are very happy about her return.

WILDONA is feeling great. She is resting after a long journey, surrounded by our loving care. She will soon be part of mare main herd, so that we can enjoy her offspring next year.

Today, on 12th April, the tender for horses bred and owned by Michałów State Stud has been settled. The interest was huge, which makes us very happy. The 6 out of 8 horses have been bought. Soon they will make their way to new homes in Poland, France, Netherlands and Germany.

Congratulations to the new owners. We look forward to information, both about breeding and sport successes.

In accordance with the rules of the tender 12th April, we publish the updated list of horses below. We are waiting for offers until 15th April 2021.

List of horses

Sale offer form

We regret to inform that last night, suddenly and unexpectedly, our long-term employee, colleague and friend, the late Krzysztof Skrzypek died.

He devoted his entire professional life to the Michałów State Stud, which was his second home. He loved it with all his heart. We will remember him as a warm, cheerful and kind man. He was a professional. His experience and skills were immense. It was his hands that first touched most of the foals born at the stud each year. We will miss him very much.

We express our deep condolences to the Family and The Loved Ones.

Management Board and Employees

of Michałów State Stud

Feel invited to the following tender organised by Michałów State Stud on 12th April.The upcoming offer includes both young, promising fillies and geldings not broken to ride.

List of horses

Sale Conditions

Sale offer form

"Courage has genius, power and magic" Johann Wolfgang Goethe

The chestnut EL OMARI (Enzo - Embra / Monogramm), being the leading stallion at Michałów State Stud, is a stallion whose semen should be seriously considered when planning breeding program.

This representative of the Saklawi I is the son of the American stallion ENZO, whose male line: MAGNUM PSYCHE - PADRONS PSYCHE - PADRON, became famous for their show talent and winning numerous titles. ENZO made its presence known in Poland as a sire, leaving distinguished offsprings, including mares: PALABRA, PERESPA, PIACOLLA, WITONIA or stallions: ALBANO, EMPIRE and EL OMARI.

The pedigree of EL OMARI on his dam's side, EMBRA, is a true crème de la crème, reaching through EMILDA and EMANACJA to the mare EMIGRACJA, whose influence on the shape and quality of Michałów State Stud herd is stunning.

EL OMARI, already as a yearling, paid attention to himself, winning the title of Reserve Champion of the Autumn Show in Janów Podlaski and a year later not only repeated this success, but also added to his achievements the title of Natoional Junior Reserve Champion Stallion. At the age of 5, he was named the Polish Senior Champion during the National Arabian Horse Show, which was his crowning achievement. Each time EL OMARI delighted the judges not only with the type and conformation, but above all with the excellent, effective movement with the so-called „loose shoulder”.

EL OMARI offsprings makes our hearts beat faster during breeding shows. He proved his value as a stallion at Michałów State Stud leaving excellent offsprings. The first mare that I would like to recall is the one with the sculpted head, POGANINKA (out of Pentra by Poganin), which with great score of 94.17 points won her class and won the title of Champion during Junior Spring Show in Białka and was awarded the title Best in Show (2017). She achieved another triumph in Nowe Wrońska. With the first place in her class and a score of 93.13 points, she left the show as Junior Champion at Al Khalediah European Horse Festival (2017). Undoubtedly, the most important achievement of POGANINKA was obtaining the title of European Reserve Champion in Verona (2019), where she received a total of 93.13 points. POGANINKA during all above-mentioned shows was led perfectly by Paweł Syliwoniuk.

Looking back to Junior Spring Show in Białka that took place last year, we should mention the dark bay daughter of EL OMARI out of PARMANIA (Kahil Al Shaqab - Parmana / Al Maraam), PESALINA, which delighted the judges. Artur Łojowski presented all her advantages, thanks to which she won the class very confidently, receiving 92.83 points. In the final championshipday she won a gold medal, which proved that Saturday victory was not accidental.

EL OMARI offsprings bred and owned by Michałów State Stud also fulfilled the hopes during National Show in Janów Podlaski, 2020. At this point, I would like to focus on the performance of ELGAROLIA out of ELGANZA (Sanadik El Shaklan - El Ghazala / Ekstern), led by Paweł Syliwoniuk. ELGAROLIA won the two-year-old fillies class with a score of 92.50 points with high marks for type, head and neck. In the Sunday National Junior Fillies Championships, she outclassed her competitors and won the highest trophy, which made us proud.

The stallion EL OMARI was chosen in 2016 by the Stud in Białka, and as a result of breeding the chestnut mare BINT ERMINA by Kabsztad, the colt BELMARI was foaled. BELMARI has been quite successful in the show rings. He won the silver medal of Junior Spring Show, the title of Polish National Junior Reserve Champion Stallion and two-time Polish Junior Reserve Champion Stallion. Janów Podlaski State Stud in the last breeding season also decided for using EL OMARI in their breeding programme and we will be able to look at the results of his offsprings there soon, because foals were noted on the 2021 foaling list.

EL OMARI has a double value for me. Not only does he pass show predispositions to his offsprings, but also became famous as the sire of FERRMARIA out of Fermata by Poganin, which in 2019 foaled the phenomenal and undefeated colt FERRUM by Michałów State Stud stallion MORION. I believe that his young daughters, starting their breeding careers, will become outstanding mothers.

Our offsprings by EL OMARI foaled this allow us to be very optimistic about the future. My answer to the question „Is EL OMARI worth using him in breeding?” is „Yes!” I would like to draw your attention to the features that he passes on to his offsprings, i.e. head with wide forehead, with incredibly shortened muzzle, and at the same time with a well-shaped occipital part. Importantly, foals are in so-called long lines, with dynamic and effective movement. EL OMARI breeding is available at Michałów State Stud offer.

 Weronika Sosnowska

Senior horse breeding specialist

Michałów State Stud

The stallion Equator (QR Marc x Ekliptyka / Ekstern) is a horse that has aroused great public interest in recent days, which I understand completely. Taking this opportunity, I would like to bring the details to all interested and dispel all doubts as far as possible.

According to the contract, the stallion Equator was leased from July 2019 to 31st January, 2021 by Al Makhldiat Stud in Saudi Arabia. As the expiry date of the lease agreement approached, we sent correspondence via e-mail regarding the return of Equator to Poland, but we did not receive any reply. Even then, I suspected that silence on the part of Al Makhldiat Stud could have meant that they wanted to unlawfully detain our stallion. I, as the person responsible for the Michałów State Stud, I could not allow it.

I knew that I could not let a dishonest business partner turn over our property with impunity, as was in the case of mare Encarina, which has not yet returned to her home stud.

Due to the fact that all attempts to contact the lessee directly to discuss the return of Equator to Michałów Stud were unsuccessful, we started multi-track actions aimed at bringing the stallion to the country. In February this year. we asked the Embassy of Saudi Arabia for help and support in picking up the stallion from the lessee. At the same time, on 12nd February this year. Michałów Steate has signed a cooperation agreement with Al Jawaher Stud in the United Arab Emirates. The provisions of the above agreement provided for the transfer of Equator from Saudi Arabia to Dubai and its participation in DIAHC 2021 (Dubai International Arabian Horse Championship 2021), and then return to Poland.

According to the plan, Equator was to arrive in Dubai at the beginning of March 2021. The former lessee consistently refused to hand over the stallion to Al Jawaher Stud, holding him „hostage” and first demanding the rights to purchase the stallion for an amount inadequate to its value and a declaration of waiver of financial and administrative claims in connection with the concluded lease contract. Of course, I couldn't agree to that.

Equator managed to be "got out" on Wednesday in the evening, hence his arrival in Dubai took place on Thursday 18th March.

Due to the late arrival of Equator at DIAHC 2021, Al Shaqran Stud, owner of the stallion E.S. Harir, lodged a protest, which unfortunately was accepted and Equator was removed from the list of participants by an administrative decision an hour before the performance. We all remember Equator's victory in 2018 at the Arabian Horse World Championships in Paris. The victory over the stallion E.S. Harir was not accepted by its owner who refused to go out for decoration. I understand that in Dubai, Al Shaqran Stud was also afraid of Equator's performance and competition, hence their dramatic actions aimed at depriving him of the opportunity to enter the ring and reach for victory. The whole situation is unprecedented.

We respect all our business partners and expect the same from them. We will never allow any illegal or non-contractual annexation of our horses. We will always fight for their return to their home stud, where they belong.

I would also like to thank Al Jawaher Stud for their cooperation and great commitment in picking up the Equator and transporting him to the United Arab Emirates.

At the moment, the return journey of Equator to Poland is planned. We are all waiting for the day when he will cross the Michałów State Stud entrance gate and enter the stall box prepared for him. Then we will consider "Operation EQUATOR" successful.


Marek Romański

Acting President of the Board

SK Michałów Sp z o.o.

We were watching performance of WILDONA (Shanghai EA x Wilda / Gazal Al Shaqab) during the Dubai International Arabian Horse Championshiporganised March 18th -20th in the United Arab Emirates with great emotions. Beautifully prepared by the Privilege SFQ team and led by Raphael Curti, she won the 7-9 year old mares class scoring 93.70 points, including a set of "20s" for type. She defeated her closest competitor Bint Hazy Al Khalediah with marks for movement, so Saturday's championship was going to be impressive.

Unfortunately, in the final game WILDONA, she did not find recognition among the judges. Admittedly, two of them selected her for the title of Senior Champion Mare, although it was not enough to win a medal.

For us, she is the most beautiful, unique and one and only!

WILDONA, we are looking forward to seeing you at home!

Feel invited to watch her performace again:


Last Sunday, 7th March, ESPADRILLA (Monogramm x Emanacja / Eukaliptus) celebrated her 24th birthday and yesterday her stable friend, the chestnut mare EMOCJA (Monogramm x Emigracja / Palas), who lives in the next stall box in stable number 1, celebrated her 26th birthday. ESPADRILLA and EMOCJA are two of the three remaining daughters of the epochal stallion Monogramm (Negatraz x Monogramma / Knippel) which was brought to the Michałów State Stud by director and breeder Ignacy Jaworowski.

The first ESPADRILLA'S foal was Esmirna by the stallion Werbum (Wojsław x Werda / Piechur), which grew into an extremely female mare, and above all an excellent dam, giving two daughters by the stallion El Nabila B (Kubinec - 218 Elf Layla Walayla B / Assad) - Eskarina and Elihara and a daughter by the stallion Pegasus (Gazal Al Shaqab - Pepesza / Eukaliptus), Esmora. Esmirna was sold at the Pride of Poland Auction in 2012 and was purchased by Halsdon Arabians from Great Britain. Particularly noteworthy is the bay daughter of ESPADRILLIA by the stallion Om El Shahmaan, well known from the show rings, Emandilla, which has, among many, the titles of the "Top Five" of the European Senior Mares Championship, Prague (2020), the "Top Five" of the Polish Senior Mares Championship, Janów Podlaski (2015, 2020), "Top Ten" of the World Senior Mares Championship, Paris (2017), Junior Spring Show Reserve Champion Mare, Białka (2012), Second Polish Junior Reserve Champion Mare, Janów Podlaski (2012), “Top Five ”of the European Junior Mares Championship, Moorsele (2012),“ Top Ten ”of the World Junior Championship, Paris (2012). We have also in our stud two more daughters of ESPADRILLA, Espana by QR Marc, whose daughter Espenita by Morion (Kahil Al Shaqab - Mesalina / Ekstern) will conquer the show rings this year, and Eskariolla by Vitorio TO, which gave us several weeks ago a promising filly by the stallion Chimeryk (Eryks x Chimera / Emigrant).

The chestnut EMOCJA is known especially as the mother of Ejrene by Gazal Al Shaqab, which achieved the highest price at the Pride of Poland 2012. She was bougt by Ajman Stud from UAE for amount of 440 thousands EURO. She left in our stud her daughter by stallion Eden C, Editha. We also have EMOCJA'S daughter by semantic Ekstern (Monogramm - Ernestyna / Piechur) - gray EDITORIA. We have great breeding hopes connected with her. There is also at our stud the last daughter of EMOCJA by stallion Emerald J, which made her debut as a dam.

We cultivate such days at the stud. It is the great honor for us that we can be with mares whose contribution to the Arabian breeding programme is so enormous. Each opportunity to look into their eyes and pat them on the neck is appreciated and we hope that they will be with us for a long time!

Due to our custom ESPADRILLA and EMOCJA got birthday cake, which tested well... especially in EMOCJA'S point of view!

Happy Birthday, ESPADRILLA! Happy Birthday, EMOCJA!