Photos: Sylwia Iłenda
Petrus PA (PL) gniady ogier/bay stallion, ur./born 2018
hodowca / breeder PPH Parys - Dąbrówka Arabians, PL
ród męski / sireline Kuhailan Haifi or.ar. imp. 1931 Gumniska (PL)
linia żeńska / damline Szamrajówka ~1810, Biała Cerkiew (PL)
Ekstern Monogramm (US) Negatraz (US) Bask (PL)
Negotka (US)
Monogramma (SU) Knippel (SU)
Monopolia (SU)
Ernestyna Piechur Banat
Erwina Palas (SU)
Piwonia Kahil Al Shaqab (US) Marwan Al Shaqab (QA) Gazal Al Shaqab (QA)
Little Liza Fame (US)
OFW Mishaahl (US) Mishaah (US)
OFW Balarina (US)
Palatina QR Marc (US) Marwan Al Shaqab (QA)
Swete Dreams (US)
Palmeta Ecaho
Niniejszy rodowód nie stanowi oficjalnego dokumentu / This is not an official document.

Measurements 156-172-18,0

Racing record:

2021 – 5 starts: 1xI, 1xIV, 1xV

Show record:

2019: Cracow Arabian Horse Show Junior Bronze Champion Stallion (PL)

2022: Best Offspring of Ekstern – Polish National Arabian Horse Show, Janów Podlaski (PL)

Petrus PA is one of the last sons of the epoch-making stallion Ekstern and the bay daughter of Kahil Al Shaqab, the mare Piwonia.

On the sire side he is a representative of the Kuhailan Haifi line, and on his dam’s side he represents the most outstanding line of the Szamrajówka mare from Janów. He is the grandson of the 2016 Polish Natonal Gold Champion and Silver Champion of the 2015 Al Khalediah European Arabian Horse Festival, Palatina (QR Marc – Palmeta / Ecaho). Among his ancestors you can find such celebrities as Palmeta, Pilica, Pipi, Pilarka, Pierzga, Piewica.

The bay, athletically built stallion Petrus PA carries in his pedigree a huge load of genes of the most outstanding representatives of Polish horses. He is also distinguished by beautifully set, black, expressive eyes, very good movement and great character. Petrus had a year-long race trial on the track at Partynice under the supervision of trainer Justyna Domańska, during which he competed 5 times, winning 1 race and placing in the money twice.

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