One of the most important events in Poland regarding purebred Arabian horses is behind us. The annual Pride of Poland auction was held on 14th August, bringing the total of almost 1.6 million euro, of which 901 thousand euro will go to Michałów Stud. 14 out of 20 horses offered for sale found new owners and 5 of them were bred by Michałów:

No Name Gender Colour Year of birth Pedigree Price Country of the highest bidder
1 EL MEDIARA mare grey 2010 Eryks - El Emeera / Ekstern 41.000 EUR POLAND
2 EMANDILLA mare bay 2010 Om El Shahmaan - Espadrilla / Monogramm unsold -
3 ESMERALDIA mare bay 2013 QR Marc - Emandoria / Gazal Al Shaqab 400.000 EUR FRANCE
4 LAMBADA mare grey 2016 Emerald J - Lawinia / Ekstern unsold -
5 POGANINKA mare chestnut 2015 El Omari - Pentra / Poganin 220.000 EUR FRANCE
6 WARANGA mare grey 2009 QR Marc - Wilga / Ekstern 165.000 EUR SWEDEN
7 KABSZTAD stallion grey 2006 Poganin - Kwestura / Monogramm 75.000 EUR BELGIUM

The Michałów-bred ESMERALDIA fetched the highest price of the main auction and will go to a French buyer for 400 thousand euro. It is worth mentioning that ESMERALDIA is the dam of EL ESMERA, the newly crowned Polish National Champion Senior Mare and Best in Show in Janów Podlaski.

Summer Sale held on Monday also ended with a very good result. 19 out of 25 horses were auctioned for the total amount of 402 thousand euro, of which 244.5 thousand euro was fetched by 9 Michałów-bred horses that managed to find new owners. Two highest prices of Summer Sale were also obtained by the horses from Michałów Stud; 81 thousand euro was the price for WIEŻA ORIENTU, purchased by a Belgian breeder, while PIĘKNA DAMA will go to the USA for 39 thousand euro. It should be noted that the price for WIEŻA ORIENTU was not only the record of this year’s edition but also the highest price fetched at the Summer Sale in the last few years.

No Name Gender Colour Year of birth Pedigree Price Country of the highest bidder
1 EBIRA mare bay 2016 Empire - Ebra / Alert 17.500 EUR POLAND
2 EMBLEMA mare dark bay 2014 Chimeryk - Emmbla / Al Maraam unsold -
3 EMFIRIA mare grey 2014 Empire - Emfonia / Galba 16.500 EUR BELGIUM
4 FONARYSA mare brown 2016 Vitorio TO - Forlanda / Eden C 16.000 EUR IRAN
5 FRAZZA mare brown 2016 Vitorio TO - Foggia / Gazal Al Shaqab 32.000 EUR BELGIUM
6 PIĘKNA DAMA mare grey 2011 Pegasus - Piękna Pani / Ekstern 39.000 EUR USA
7 WIEŻA ORIENTU mare dark bay 2017 Ganges - Wieża Mocy / QR Marc 81.000 EUR BELGIUM
8 WYGODNA mare bay 2017 Pogrom - Wkraza / Albedo 25.000 EUR UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
9 ZATOKA WENECKA mare bay 2013 Kahil Al Shaqab - Zatoka Perska / Wachlarz 14.000 EUR GERMANY
10 CHIMERYK stallion brown 2008 Eryks - Chimera / Emigrant 3.500 EUR POLAND

Photos: Karolina Misztal

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