Last weekend was full of emotions that always reach their zenith during the competition at the highest level. This time, as we mentioned in previous entries, a picturesque city in north-eastern Italy – Verona – hosted horses aspiring to the title of European Champion, their breeders, owners, trainers, presenters and all members of the show teams.

This is one of the most important shows, and therefore Michałów State Stud, registered to the show selected and carefully prepared group of horses. There were eight horses presented by Paweł Syliwoniuk and Artur Łojowski, who work under the watchful eye of Mariusz Liśkiewicz – The Main Speacialist of Training and Presenting the Horses.

Saturday’s morning was started by the performance of the one-year-old filly ZŁOTA MYŚL (Equator x Złota Bulla / Kahil Al Shaqab), who took fifth place with a score of 90.40 points. EL MARIELLA (Morion x El Marina / Ganges) was sixth in the same class with a score of 89.70 points.

Yearling Fillies (Class 3B) – ZŁOTA MYŚL

Yearling Fillies (Class 3B) – EL MARIELLA

The next class of two-year-old fillies was dominated by the performance of EL MEDIDA (Morion x El Medara / Shanghai EA), which, perfectly led by Artur Łojowski, was appreciated by the judges and scored a remarkable 92.80 points, outclassing the competition.

Fillies 2 Years Old (Class 4) – EL MEDIDA

In the next performance, we admired the duet of Paweł Syliwoniuk and 3-year-old EL ESMERA (Sahm El Arab x Esmeraldia / QR Marc), who also won the class, what opened her the way for Sunday success.

Fillies 3 Years Old (Class 5) – EL ESMERA

In the extremley strong class of 4-6-year-old mares we enjoyed the performance of PROTEKCIA (Ekstern x Pentra / Poganin), which has a large group of fans. Undoubtedly, the mare won the hearts of the judges with her beauty. She received excellent marks, including one “20” for type and two “20s” for movement, which gave her a total of 92.80 points. The third place in this class was taken by chestnut EL BELLISSIMA (Ascot DD x Ekliptyka / Ekstern) with a very a good result of 92.40 points, including 4 “20s” for movement.

Mares 4-6 Years Old (Class 6) – PROTEKCJA

Mares 4-6 Years Old (Class 6) – EL BELLISSIMA

The yearling colts class was another very good performance of bay EL MAESTRO (Morion x El Medonia / Shanghai EA), who finished the competition in second place in the class with a score of 92.20 points. It was only a prelude to the presentation that many were waiting for, namely the performance FERRUM (Morion x Ferrmaria / El Omari), which this time, again make the judges deloghted, scoring 92.70 points.

Yearling Colts (Class 10B) – EL MAESTRO

Colts 2 years old (Class 11) – FERRUM

We achieved enormous success in Saturday’s classes of the European Championships, which are a pass to the final game. Out of the eight presented horses bred and owned by Michałów State Stud, as many as 6 entered the finals with excellent notes confirming their high quality.

On Sunday, the gray EL ESMERA (Sahm El Arab x Esmeraldia / Qr Marc) was announced the European Junior Filly Champion. The bronze medal in this Championship went to EL MEDIDA (Morion x El Medara / Shanghai EA), ERRUM (Morion x Ferrmaria / El Omari) was announced the European Reserve Junior Colt Champion.

It is worth emphasizing that European Championship was an extraordinary success of Polish breeding programme, both state and private. There were 18 medals to be gathered and as many as 10 of them were won by horses bred in Poland. From this place we would like to congratulate everyone on their incredible success!

We would also like to thank the fans for cheering! It is extremely important to us!

Ahead of us there is a performance at the most important event of the year – the Arabian Horse World Championship in Paris. We work hard to repeat our success from Verona at the end of the year.

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