EL MAESTRO (Morion – El Medonia / Shanghai EA), Gold Champion Yearling Colt and PORTO RICO (Złoty Medal – Parmania / Kahil Al Shaqab), Silver Champion Yearling Colt at 2021 Białka Junior Spring Show

Photo: Ewa Imielska-Hebda

Today, at 7 o’clock in the morning, the horse trailer belonging to Michałów Stud has begun its journey to Białka Stallion Depot. As many as 14 representatives of Michałów Stud will take part in Białka Junior Spring Show, held on 4th and 5th June 2022.

In yearling colts’ classes, we will see two bay sons of Morion; DELIKT (out of Diara by Eryks) and EL MEDAR (out of El Medonia by Shanghai EA), full brother to EL MAESTRO, last year’s Gold Champion Yearling Colt. They will be joined by the grey ELAREN, the son of Al Ayal AA and Espadrilla by Monogramm.

In the junior colts’ category, we will see the bay PORTO RICO (Złoty Medal – Parmania by Kahil Al Shaqab), last year’s Silver Champion Yearling Colt, accompanied by the bay EL BRILLO (Morion – El Larinera by Empire) who will be presented in Białka for the first time.

The representatives of yearling fillies will constitute the most numerous group. On the way to Białka, there are as many as 6 candidates for the Champion Yearling Filly title: the bay DRIADA (Al Ayal AA – Dolores by Kabsztad), LABONITA (Dominic M – Lakonia by Chimeryk), ELLUNA (Woronin – El Larinera by Empire), MAHIMA (El Omari – Mahira by Ekstern) and ZŁOTA AURA (Morion – Złotna by El Omari) as well as the grey PUSTYNIA SERC (Al Ayal AA – Pustynia Kahila by Kahil Al Shaqab).

Two-year-old fillies will be represented by the already widely known EL MARIELLA (Morion – El Marina by Ganges), last year’s Gold Champion Yearling Filly and ZŁOTA MYŚL (Equator – Złota Bulla by Kahil Al Shaqab) who won the Top Five title in 2021.

The three-year-old chestnut EDICOLA (Shams Sharav AA – Emiliara by Kahil Al Shaqab), who will make her show debut in Białka, will be the oldest contender coming from Michałów.

We keep our fingers crossed for our team and we wish all the other competitors best of luck!

In anticipation of Białka Junior Spring Show 2022, we remember the 2021 finalists:

EL MARIELLA (Morion – El Marina / Ganges), Gold Champion Yearling Filly at 2021 Białka Junior Spring Show

FERRUM (Morion – Ferrmaria / El Omari), Gold Champion Junior Colt and POINTER (Sahm El Arab – Palanga / Ekstern), Silver Champion Junior Colt at 2021 Białka Junior Spring Show

EL MEDIDA (Morion – El Medara / Shanghai EA), Gold Champion Junior Filly and Best in Show, EL ESMERA (Sahm El Arab – Esmeraldia / QR Marc), Silver Champion Junior Filly and FORGA (Morion – Forgissima / Vitorio TO), Bronze Champion Junior Filly at 2021 Białka Junior Spring Show

Photos: Ewa Imielska-Hebda and Karolina Misztal

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