The Flag is UP!

Tomorrow, on 1st May, at the Służewiec Racetrack in Warsaw, the long-awaited racing season will start. Unfortunately, this time, due to epidemic restrictions without the participation of the public, but organizer will allow us to follow the event through online broadcasts available on the website:

Preparation for the racing season is a very important period. The choice of horses and coaching staff are decisions that have a huge impact on success and its importance.

In the upcoming season, we will see at the racetracks 22 horses bred and owned by Michałów State Stud. They are progenies of Michałów State Stud stallions GANGES (Monogramm x Garonna / Fanatyk), FORMAN (Wachlarz x Formia / Gazal Al Shaqab), ZŁOTY MEDAL (QR Marc x Złota Orda / Pesal), EMPIRE (Enzo x Emira / Laheeb), EL OMARI (Enzo x Embra / Monogramm), EKSTERN (Monogramm x Ernestyna / Piechur) and the foreign stallions ONTARIO HF (Monarch AH x HF Orzonna / Pepton), KURIER (Egis x Kazna / Anchar), WARES (Ontario HF x  Wienerva / Santhos).

Next Sunday, 2nd May, our 4-year-old ECHARON (Ontario HF x Echara / Wiliam) will enter the starting machine, ridden by his trainer Małgorzatę Kryszyłowicz will fight for the victory and winning the Kabaret Prize in Race for 4-year-old arabian stallions and mares.

The Kabaret Prize is a race that dates back to 1980. Kabaret (Bandos x Kreolka / Nabor) is a stallion born in 1973 and bred at Janów Podlaski State Stud. He was a representative of the Ibrahim d.b.. He ran for three seasons led by coach Andrzej Walicki, winning the Derby in 1977. The Kabaret Prize was won, among others, by Derby winners: Saszetka (1981), Piechur (1984), Wilczur (1987), Emael (three times: 1992-94) and Druid (1998). If ECHARON wins, and it should be noted that he is selected to win, he will be included in this honorable group.

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