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 On February 16th, at 4 a.m., the gate leading to Michałów State Stud was crossed by the phenomenal 7-year-old AJ AZZAM (AJ Mardan x Ysadora / Marwan Al Shaqab). The stallion with an amazing pedigree which is owned by Ajman Stud, was leased to our stud for two seasons. AJ AZZAM is the son of AJ Mardan (Vervaldee x Felica RLC / Shael Dream Desert), the Bronze Medal winner of the World Yearling Colts Championship in Paris in 2012, whose blood runs in the veins of the horses which gain spectacular successes on show rings. It is not without reason that AJ Mardan has earned the nickname “champions producer”. On the dam’s side, AJ AZZAM is the grandson of Marwan Al Shaqab, whose contributions to the development of the world Arabian horse breeding program are enormous.

 AJ AZZAM (AJ Mardan x Ysadora / Marwan Al Shaqab) is an extremely titled stallion, including reaching in 2015 for the so-called european triple crown, which means winning the Championship of All Nations Cup in Aachen, the European Championship in Verona and the World Championships in Paris.

We have great hope in using AJ AZZAM in Michałów! His coming to our stud has been already commented on widely in social media, which has made us very happy! 

Horse breeding requires humility and patience, therefore we will have to wait several months for the effects of breeding ideas related to this stallion, but the waiting for the results is the most exciting.

AJ AZZAM feels great. He is resting after the journey, surrounded by loving care. We would like to thank Ajman Stud for the trust and the possibility of fruitful cooperation.

Welcome home AJ AZZAM!

Thank you Elisa Grassi for the beautiful photo!

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