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On September 15th, 2023, Michałów Stud celebrated its 70th anniversary. Preparations for the celebration took several weeks, but the effort and work put into preparing the arena, tent and flower arrangements from, among others, Plantico were positively received by the invited guests. The celebrations were accompanied by an exhibition of photographs by Sylwia Iłenda, Karolina Misztal and prof. Mariusz Wideryński displayed in the carriage house. The topic was, of course, Arabian horses, graduates of Michałów Stud. Painting exhibitions were presented in a tent prepared for guests – author Małgorzata Świertok and in the manege between stables 1 and 2 – author Marzena Mazurek.

The ceremony began with President Monika Słowik welcoming the official guests and people distinguished for horse breeding in Poland: Lech Strzałkowski, Jarosław Koch with his wife and Roman Krzyżanowski. Retired stud employees were also welcomed.

On behalf of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, the congratulatory letter was read by the deputy director of the National Support Center for Agriculture, Mr. Marek Chibowski, who also conveyed congratulations from the owner of the Company, i.e. National Support Center for Agriculture. The next person to deliver the anniversary speech was the Voivode of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, Mr. Zbigniew Koniusz, and then, on behalf of the Marshal of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, Mr. Sławomir Neugebauer. The wonderful and sentimental story about the stud’s founder, director Ignacy Jaworowski, was recalled by his daughter Agnieszka Rozwadowska.

Michałów Stud received numerous letters of congratulations, which enriched the commemorative book, in which they were pasted next to the guests’ own entries.

At the end of the official part, the awards were received by distinguished stud employees: Katarzyna Gniewosz, Kazimierz Łuczak and Grzegorz Pajączkowski. They received the “Merit for Agriculture” distinction. With the applause of the gathered guests, the award was also received by Mrs. Kazimiera Oleksy, the company’s long-time chief accountant.

After greetings and official speeches, the president presented “Michałów in numbers”, which she had prepared especially for the Michałów celebrations.

“Michałów in numbers” below:

“Michałów, September 15th, 2023

Michałów Stud is part of the resources managed by the National Center for Agricultural Support, and the Company is directly supervised by the Company Supervision Department.

Michałów Stud in numbers

Let me start with the undoubtedly most important number for the Michałów-based company, the number of employees in Michałów – 53. It is now in 2023, but generations have worked for Michałów’s success. No company, even the best managed, will be successful if it does not have a team in place. A team that will consist of distinguished employees and those who are just getting better. Some learn from others, the young learn from the oldest, knowledge and experience acquired over the years of work, and the older learn from the youngest – a new perspective and a departure from routine. I will only present by name three of our current internship record holders, also with numbers!: Mrs. Kazimiera Oleksy – chief accountant and proxy of the Company, 48 years of work, Mr. Władysław Górczyński – employee of the field brigade, 45 years of work, and Mr. Zbigniew Karczmarski – foreman of the field brigade, 39 years of work. Now, before we start the show, I would like to thank all the Company’s employees and members of the Michałów Riding Club. 1st Mounted Rifle Regiment for help in preparing today’s event.

The second number is 70 – the stone jubilee of the establishment of the Stud. The name is appropriate because the stone – Pińczów stone – was the basis for building buildings in Michałów.

And subsequent numbers

Year of establishment of the Stud Farm – 1953

Number of mares in the founding herd at the end of 1953 – 33

Number of dam lines represented at Michałów Stud – 12

Number of sire lines represented at Michałów Stud – 7

First foal born – filly Dakota (Como – Damba by Oboźny) – January 1, 1954

Thousandth foal born – filly Premia (Palas – Pliszka by Gwarny) – February 17, 1981

Two thousandth foal born – mare Eunika (Wachlarz – Esperanca by Set) – February 25, 1997

Three thousandth foal born – filly Foggoria (Gaspar – Foggia by Gazal Al Shaqab) – May 14, 2010

Fourth thousandth foal born – filly Kalabria (Aj Azzam – Kaldera by Ekstern) – February 5, 2023

As you can see, it was the mares who set the thousandth numbers, which is important because mares are the basis of breeding

Year and name of the mare that won the first European show abroad – 1973 – Estebna

The number of pure-bred Arabian horses in Michałów on September 1, 2023 – 398

Number of Małopolska leopard-coloured horses in Michałów on September 1, 2023 – 20

Number of ponies in Michałów on September 1, 2023 – 8

Michałów area – 638 ha

Meadows and pastures dedicated primarily to horses – 210 ha

Michałów cattle herds – 2

Jerseys – 259

Holstein Friezes – 413

Exhibitions of photography and painting prepared for September 15 – 2 (Photography Sylwia Iłenda, Karolina Misztal and prof. Mariusz Wideryński – CARRIAGE HOUSE, painting – Marzena Mazurek – MANAGE BETWEEN STABLES 1 and 2)

Lectures – 1 – prof. Monika Bugno-Poniewierska – Arabian horse amid global genetic research

Number of years of performing breeding and management functions in Michałów by the first director, Ignacy Jaworowski – 44

The last number is – September 15, 2023, 5th day of the week – the date of the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the Michałów Stud, which we start with a historical horse show and more, presented by Magdalena Helak-Kulczyńska – vice-president of the Michałów Riding Club. 1st Mounted Rifle Regiment and the main breeder of the Company and Mirosław Kołodziej, invited especially for today’s events, with music chosen for you by Marcin “

The breeding show is part of the program awaited by both official guests and numerous lovers of Michałów horses. The show, elegantly prepared and conducted by Magdalena Helak-Kulczyńska, which was also a reflection of the history of Arabian horses in Michałów, was warmly received. The guests were greeted by mares with foals, young fillies and chief stallions, representing all dam lines present in Michałów Stud. The culmination was the performance of the Platinum World Champion mare Emandoria (Gazal Al Shaqab – Emanda/Ecaho) in a duet with Mariusz Liśkiewicz, a long-time trainer and presenter.

After the Arabian horses, two horses of the Małopolska breed entered the ring, with the leopad-color typical of the stud. These were the mares Turnia and Berenika. The stud farm also boasted Shetland ponies, Jersey calves and a champion cow aptly named Werbena -72.

After refreshments, those interested could participate in the lecture by Prof. Monika Bugno-Poniewierska, head of the Department of Animal Reproduction, Anatomy and Genomics, University of Agriculture in Krakow, about progress in genetic research on Arabian horses.

In wonderful weather, all participants of the celebration could enjoy the stud farm’s hospitality, the stables were open for visitors, and horse-drawn carriages pulled by leopard-coloured horses were waiting for those willing to take a ride along the chestnut alley. There were stands with artistic products set up along Stable No. 5. Housewives from nearby circles boasted about their delicacies. Włoszczowa, which has been cooperating with the company for years, invited people to try dairy products based on the milk of Michałów jerseys, and the Michałów Senior Women, together with Marzena Liśkiewicz, took care of the flowering of the stud farm area.

Management Board and Employees of Michałów Stud Farm Sp. would like to thank all guests for their numerous attendance, wishes and occasional anniversary gifts that will enrich the Michałów museum.

Full of hope, we are entering the stud’s next 10th anniversary.

Photos: Karolina Misztal & Sylwia Iłenda

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