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Stallion Semen Collection


Buildings, equipment and certificate

The European Horse Breeding Center was established in January 2007. The first stallions were introduced in May 2007. The European Center consists of:

the main building with an office, a laboratory (equipped with the equipment of the German company MINITÜB, where fresh semen is processed and frozen), a semen bank (where we store semen), a manege and stable for 6 boxes;

the stable building, divided into two parts with 5 stalls each, one of which is used to put the stallions into quarantine.

The Center is entered on the list of Semen Collection Centers for Intra-Community Trade in Semen of Equine Species under the number: PL 26082102. The full list is available on the website of the Chief Veterinary Inspectorate, in the list of establishments and laboratories approved by Poland in accordance with Community legislation in the field of veterinary and zootechnics.

Veterinary tasks and service

The aim of the center is to provide breeders with access to the semen of the best, most popular stallions from Polish, European and world breeding, from the most desirable male lines.

Conditions for accepting stallions

The center accepts stallions for the collection and distribution of fresh semen as well as for the collection and freezing of semen. The stallion admission procedure is based on the Animal Health Protection and Combating Infectious Animal Diseases Act (Journal of Laws 2017, item 1855), the Act of June 29, 2007 on the organization of farm animal breeding and reproduction, and on the basis of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Regulation of 10.03.2011. on detailed veterinary requirements applicable to sheep, goat and equine semen as well as sheep, goat, equine and pig ova and embryos (Journal of Laws of 2011, No. 63, item 330).

We accept stallions to collect and distribute fresh semen, and to collect and freeze semen. The condition for accepting a stallion is signing a contract. In addition, the stallion must have a passport and be vaccinated against influenza and dewormed.

The stallion must undergo a 30-day quarantine, during which the following tests will be performed:

  • NZK
  • glanders
  • herd blight
  • CEM
  • artheritis
  • bacteriological test

Further presence of the stallion in the center depends on the results of the tests. If the result of at least one of them is positive, the animal is isolated and the semen collected from it is destroyed (it cannot be placed on the market).

If the stallion owner undertakes the above-mentioned tests himself, he must provide to Michałów State Stud with an official stallion health certificate (issued by the Poviat Veterinary Inspectorate – an official veterinarian, based on the test results).

Information on the center’s offer and stallion admission procedures is available from Agnieszka Kozłowska, Veterinarian of Michałów State Stud, phone number: +48 604 753 021.

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