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Breeding of Dairy Cattle

An important branch of the Michałów State Stud activity is dairy farming and milk production. On the farm in Michałów, jersey cows are bred, while on the farm in Lubcza Holstein-Fresian cows.

Jersey cows, characterized by a small caliber, noble, delicate and harmonious structure, are considered to be one of the most beautiful. This breed comes from the English island of Jersey located in the La Manche Channel. Probably the ancestors of this breed were cattle from Normandy and Brittany. The population inhabiting the island was isolated from other races, what is more, in 1789 an import ban was introduced, which contributed to the purity of the race as well as the uniformity and genetic consolidation of the population.

From the first import in 1896 from England, until now, Denmark has dominated the breeding of Jersey cattle, from where in 1988-89 Michałów Stud imported 45 Jersey heifers, which was the basis for the current herd.

Jersey are cows which produce milk with a high fat and protein content in milk, which, despite their relatively small height and small body structure, are characterized by high productivity.

Cattle are presented at National Shows and Polagra, where they win numerous championships in their breed.

Our champions and vice-champions:

2002 – Poznań / Polagra AZALIA 13

2003 – Poznań / Polagra MIMOZA 12

2004 – Poznań / Polagra IRGA 9

2005 – Poznań / Polagra KALINA 30 vice IRGA 9

2005 – Szepietowo LIMBA 21

2007 – Opole FREZJA 19 vice IRGA 9

2008 – Bratoszewice FREZJA 19

2009 – Sielinko JEŻYNA 47 vice HORTENSJA 10

2010 – Szepietowo JEŻYNA 44 vice HORTENSJA 10

2010 – Poznań / Polagra HORTENSJA 10

2011 – Poznań / Polagra JEŻYNA 44

2012 – Sielinko JEŻYNA 44 vice KAMELIA 42

2013 – Poznań / Polagra JEŻYNA 44 vice IRGA 28

2014 – Szepietowo MIMOZA 74 vice KALINA 67

2015 – Poznań / Polagra MIMOZA 74

The person responsible for the herd of jersey cattle is Marzena Liśkiewicz – Livestock Production Specialist, phone: +48 693 033 997, e-mail: marzena.liskiewicz@stadninamichalow.pl

We have been breeding ncb cattle on the Lubcza farm since 1961, when Order 109 of Minstry of Agriculture established on 30 June 30, 1961, ordered to join Lubcza to Michałów State Stud (1st July, 1961).

From the beginning, ncb cattle were bred here, and from 1994, Holstein-Friesian bulls were used. In 1989, while importing jersey heifers, 15 Danish-bred HF heifers were brought to the farm. At the beginning of 2003, 120 HO and RW heifers from the Netherlands were purchased for the newly built cowshed, then 50 heifers from Germany and 9 heifers RW of German breeding from the Osięciny OHZ. 

The HO and RW cows of our breeding have won championship titles at the Świętokrzyska Animal Breeding Exhibition many times, including:

NIRWANA 7 (RW) – Super champion of the show in 2015.

HABENDA 9 (HO) – Champion in 2015 in the 1st lactation cow category

HERTA 10 (RW) – Champion in 2015 in the category of second lactation cow

NARRATION 7 (HO) – Champion in 2016 in the second lactation cow category

AGA 97 (HO) – Champion in 2016 in the third lactation cow category and older

The person responsible for the HF cattle herd is Daria Róg – Livestock Production Specialist, tel: +48 603 748 477, e-mail: daria.rog@stadninamichalow.pl

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