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Breeding of Arabian Horses

The first mare in Michałów’s records was Miriam, who after training in Służewiec was assigned here to the half-breed stud. After the Minister’s decision to establish an Arabian stud, in the late autumn of 1953, mares with foals were transferred to Michałów from the closed facility in Klemensów near Zamość.

In the first transport (October 17, 1953), 21 mares were added, and in the second (November 25, 1953) – three, while the foals born in Klemensów in 1953 – a total of 18. On November 25, 1953 they came to Michałów. At the end of 1953, there were 33 mares in the stud:

  • from the line of I. Gazella or. ar .: Miriam, Adis Ababa, Czajka;
  • from line II. Mlecha or. ar .: Accra, Mufta, Delja;
  • from line III. Sahara or. ar .: Episode, Gazella, Mokdiara, Devera, Daribba, Ciwita, Czika;
  • from the line of V. Milordek: Amneris, Armenia, Bajadera, Gałka, Gwara, Lala, Orda, Saga, Cosmosa;
  • from line VI. Ukrainian woman: Forta;
  • from line VII. Szweykowska: Fanfara, Werbena;
  • from the line of X. Wołoszka: El-Zabibe, Laguna, Zahabu;
  • from line 27. Murana I or. ar .: Amba, Damba;
  • from line 34. Semrie or. ar .: Angara, Darda;
  • from line 36. Scherife or. ar .: Brusa.

In the initial period, according to director Ignacy Jaworowski, the stallion Amurath Sahib had the strongest influence on the Michałów herd, whose 12 daughters born in Klemensów were the strongest group in the starting herd.

Among them was a mare of fundamental importance for Michałów’s breeding – Estokada. The family she created produced the largest number of champions in Michałów.

The following stallions had a remarkable influence on the breeding that existed for half a century: Nabor, Gwarny, Comet, Celebes, El Paso, Palas, Eukaliptus, Probat, Wojsław, Monogramm, Gazal Al Shaqab, QR Marc, Kahil Al Shaqab. From the founding of the stud in our breeding programme we have use stallion derived from 13 sirelines from 13. Some of them are still represented by the stallion bred and owned by Michałów state Stud.

  • 21. Kuhailan Haifi or. ar.
  • 16. Ilderim or. ar.
  • 5. Bairactar or. ar.
  • 30. Saklawi I
  • 18. Cross or. ar.
  • 20. Kuhailan Afas or. ar.
  • 15. Ibrahim or. ar.
  • 1. Abu Argub II or. ar.
  • 23. Kuhailan Zaid or. ar.
  • 31. Latif I or. ar.
  • 17. Koheilan Adjuze or. ar.
  • Wafi or. ar.
  • Mirage or. ar.

In Michałów State Stud there are representatives of 11 damlines, of which the Milordka damline is by far the most numerous:

  • I. Gazella or. ar,
  • II. Mlecha or. ar,
  • III. Sahara or. ar,
  • V. Milordka,
  • VI. Ukrainian girl,
  • VII. Szweykowska,
  • X. Wołoszka,
  • 16. Selma or. ar,
  • 17. Rodania or. ar,
  • 33. Adjuze or. ar.
  • 34. Semrie or. ar ..

From the very beginning, Michałów horses mainly represented the Saklavi type – they were slightly taller than Arabians in other studs, handsome and most often gray. A small number of the munighi type horses (with a racing predisposition, but less good-looking) have been eliminated over the years as being too unconventional. Currently, Michałów horses are beautiful and also brave in racing.

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