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Breeding of Angloarabian Horses

Appaloosa half-blood horses in Michałów Stud began to be bred with the arrival of Ignacy Jaworowski, the then Director and Main Breeder. Among the working horses there were appaloosa mares, and since he had always liked colored horses, he decided to recreate this coat. It is thanks to his commitment and passion that Michałów State Stud can boast a herd of these impressive horses. In 1959, he brought to Michałów State Stud Appaloosa stallion Tarzan (Bars × Łasica / Furioso VII-6), which gave rise to the Michałów-bred Angloarabian Appaloosa horses. Back then, they were utility and very durable horses. They were a man’s daily partner in his everyday difficult work. Over the years, these horses were put together in a pair of colorful harnesses, which made many people breathtaking.

The Michałów Appaloosa Angloarabian can be found all over Poland. They are also becoming very popular abroad due to their attractive color.

Michałów Appaloosa Angloarabian horses are perfect draft horses. Within a dozen or so years, many teams taking part in national and international competitions derived from Michałów. In our stud they are also perfect for working under the saddle.

In Jerzy Hoffman’s film “Ogniem i Mieczem”, the stallion Dragon was ridden by Prince Jeremi Wiśniowiecki (Andrzej Seweryn), and Leopard bravely carried the “winged” commander of the hussars. History was probably referred to here, because Hetman Stefan Czarniecki rode on the battering ram, and the Italian painter Bernardo Bellotto, known as Canaletto, immortalized the team of Appaloosa horses in the Castle Square in old Warsaw.

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