Photo: Sylwia Iłenda


Złoty Owoc (PL) ciemnogniady ogier/dark bay stallion, ur./born 2020
hodowca / breeder SK Michałów, PL
ród męski / sireline Krzyżyk or.ar. 1869, imp. 1876 Jarczowce (PL)
linia żeńska / damline Selma or.ar. 1865, hod. Abbas Pasha I (EG)
Forman (PL) Wachlarz (PL) Arbil (PL) Banat (PL)
Arba (PL)
Warsowia (PL) Tallin (SU)
Wendeta (PL)
Formia (PL) Gazal Al Shaqab (QA) Anaza El Farid (US)
Kajora (US)
Fortuna (PL) Monogramm (US)
Furora (PL)
Złota Olza (PL) Kahil Al Shaqab (US) Marwan Al Shaqab (QA) Gazal Al Shaqab (QA)
Little Liza Fame (US
OFW Mishaahl (US) Mishaah (US)
OFW Balarina (US)
Złota Orcha (PL) Ekstern (PL) Monogramm (US)
Ernestyna (PL)
Złota Orchidea (PL) Emigrant (PL)
Złota Orda (PL)

Measurements: 153-172-17.5

Racing record:

2023 – 6 starts: 1xI, 3xII

Show record:

2021 – Junior Spring Show Yearling Top Five – Białka (PL)

2021 – Class Top Five (Yearling Colts) at the Polish National Show – Janów Podlaski (PL)

ZŁOTY OWOC (“Golden Fruit”) is debuting as a breeding sire in the 2024 season. His pedigree is built around Michałów’s two solid damlines descending from ZAZULA and FORTA.

The link to FORTA comes via ZŁOTY OWOC’s sire FORMAN. A tenacious athlete, FORMAN raced 15 times over 2 seasons, placing in the money 10 times, continuing the family’s tradition of stamina, correct build and supreme hardiness. FORTA produced a whole line-up of capable performers, including Criterium St. winners CZORT & FINISZ, Derby winners FINISZ (again) & EQUIFOR and two outstanding Oaks St. winning daughters, who established sublines of their own – DYSKA & FATMA.

On the distaff side of the pedigree ZŁOTY OWOC derives in a straight line from European Senior Reserve Champion & All Nations Cup Senior Champion Mare ZAZULA and her granddaughter, the iconic ZAGROBLA – twice Junior Spring Show Reserve Champion, twice Polish National Junior Reserve Champion, Bábolna International Junior Champion, All Nations Cup Junior Reserve Champion, Bábolna International Senior Champion, All Nations Cup Senior Champion, twice European Senior Reserve Champion, World Senior Champion, Scottsdale Reserve Champion & US National Champion Mare.

Another of ZŁOTY OWOC’s direct ancestresses – ZŁOTA ORDA – is the dam of the successful breeding sire ZŁOTY MEDAL: Białka Junior Spring Show Yearling Gold Champion, Polish National Junior Silver Champion, Białka Junior Spring Show Silver Champion, Polish National Senior Top Five, All-Polish Senior Bronze Champion, twice Prague Intercup Senior Silver Champion, European Cup Senior Silver Champion, European Cup Senior Gold Champion, European Senior Silver Champion, Polish National Gold Senior Champion.

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