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Beautiful presentation of Michałów horses at the 2022 Cavaliada Tour in Cracow

Last Saturday, at the grand finale of the 2022 Cavaliada Tour, Michałów State Stud had an immense pleasure to present two amazing Amazons riding horses bred and owned by the Stud. At this important event, which was held for the first time at the TAURON Arena in Cracow, Aneta Morzonek and the eight-year-old amazing Appaloosa gelding Baszkir (Bonat x Ballada / Birkut) presented the elegant Hunter Style, where the horse and rider are supposed to jump a course in the most harmonious way. Iwona Sternak, riding the twelve-year-old gorgeous grey Arabian mare Karamea (Pegasus x Kasjopeja / Eldon), proudly presented a historical Polish costume, composed of a velvet hat with furry cap band and a fancy dress with a silk fur-trimmed overcoat. It is worth adding that Karamea is a daughter of the legendary mare Kwestura who sold for a record price at the 2008 Pride of Poland Sale and later reached for the prestigious title of Platinum World Champion Mare in 2014.

Both horses and riders were greatly admired by the audience while the history of the Stud, presented in the background, made the show even more interesting. This kind of presentation during such a prestigious event is a great promotion of Arabians as perfect riding horses characterized by gentle disposition and amazing appearance. According to the Polish breeding vision, Arabian horse is supposed to be both beautiful and useful, and therefore correct conformation, excellent health and balanced character are a must. Michałów State Stud work hard to disprove the common belief that Arabian horses have a difficult, almost untamable characters by showing their undeniable value as riding horses as well as their extraordinary intelligence and loyalty towards people. Also, the story of how Michałów breeders recreated the rare appaloosa colour that almost completely disappeared from Poland in the late 50’s, met with great interest and appreciation of the show spectators. Without doubt, Michałów State Stud remained in the memory of the Cavaliada attendees as one of the precious pearls on the Polish soil, where the love and passion for horses have flourished for hundreds of years.

We cordially invite you to have a look at the photo gallery by Karolina Misztal.

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