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EQUATOR. A horse that casts his light upon you!

EQUATOR (QR Marc x Ekliptyka / Ekstern) represents the Saklavi I sireline. This great stallion, with numerous titles on his account, is a direct descendant of the World Champions Stallion QR MARC, the son of MARWAN AL SHAQAB, who is in turn a descendant of the stallion GAZAL AL ​​SHAQAB, whose impact on the Polish breeding program was enormous. EQUATOR’s collection of titles is impressive. He was chosen the Junior Spring Show Champion, Polish Junior and Senior Champion Stalion, European Junior and Senior Champion Stallion, and won almost the full American Triple Crown being the Scottsdale Show Champion, Las Vegas Arabian Breeders Cup Show Champion and US Reserve Champion.

”EQUATOR is such a star that it’s hard to find the right words to describe him. A titled horse and a horse known to everyone. His career was impressive, although he had to fight three times for his title of World Champion Stallion, which he received in 2018. I stood next to him at the collecting ring when the judges verdict was announced and I was very happy that he finally won the highest trophy. ” – says Mariusz Liśkiewicz, the The Main Specialist of Horse Training and Presentation at Michałów State Stud.

The first EQUATOR’S foals at the Michałów State Stud were born in 2014 and proved their quality on show rings. There is stallion DONG from Demeter (Wojsław x Drabora / Borek), who received the title of Polish Junior Champion Stallion in 2017, PONTIA out of Polonica (Ekstern x Panika / Eukaliptus), Junior Spring Show Reserve Champin of Yearling Fillies and DASTAN out of Dama Pik (Enzo x Dama Kier / Gazal Al Shaqab), Junior Spring Show Champion of Yearling Colts.

EQUATOR (QR Marc x Ekliptyka / Ekstern) during Polish National Arabian Horse Show Janów Podlaski 2014
Photo:Wiesław Pawłowski

What distinguishes EQUATOR from the competition is its unique character. “I knew this horse very well, because I raised him from a yearling, when he joined me in the show stable for training in 2011. I remember his youth history in a completely different way than other horses trained by me. It was a well-tempered horse, despite the fact that he was out of Ekliptyka, wthat was extremely difficult to train because of her hyperactivity. The EQUATOR had completely different nature. He was very obedient, polite, well-mannered and human-friendly. He was not mischievous, as is often the case with young colts. He never tried to dominate the presenter during our friendship. I perfectly remember our performance during the National Championships in Janów Podlaski in 2014, where, in my opinion, EQUATOR won by the force of calmness and the correct presentation. He had a great move, he showed himself perfectly during “stand-up” and won. ” – Mariusz Liśkiewicz recalls.

EQUATOR (QR Marc x Ekliptyka / Ekstern) during Polish National Arabian Horse Show Janów Podlaski 2014
Photo:Wiesław Pawłowski

In 2015, EQUATOR was leased to Aljassimya Farm, where it stayed for two seasons. It was a great decision for both sides, because of the fact that his offsprings nowadays conquer the international show rings. At this point, we must mention the success of the 3-year-old mare Mona Lisa Aljassimya, which achieved a very good result of 92.17 points in the class, and the victory of the 3-year-old stallion Momayz Aljassimya at the 1st Katar International Arabian Horse Festival.

“EQUATOR is a wonderful, phenomenal stallion, desired by everyone. A real star. I must admit that I am one of the people who was casted upon his logjt!” – Mariusz Liśkiewicz sums up..

In August this year, EQUATOR was purchased during the Pride of Poland Auction for EUR 450,000 by Al Rajhiat Stud from Saudi Arabia. Last weekend he delighted us once again in the show ring during World Arabian Horse Championships and he was awared with the Platinum Title.

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