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Exciting four days in Janów Podlaski

On August 11-14th, Janów Podlaski hosted the 45th Polish National Arabian Horse Show and two auctions: on Sunday the main auction, i.e. Pride of Poland, while on Monday the Summer Sale auction.

This year, both the show and the auctions themselves took place under a roof, in the beautifully prepared for this event indoor arena.

The event was accompanied by an exhibition of photographic works by three Polish horse photographers: Mariusz Wideryński, Karolina Misztal and Sylwia Iłenda, located in the hall on the ground floor among the great trophies of Michałów and Janów horses, won at national and international shows in recent years. It was a beautiful announcement of the upcoming celebrations of the 70th anniversary of Michałów Stud.

Friday’s competition in the classes started with the yearling colts. We did not have a representative in these classes this year. Shortly after the yearlings, the two-year-old colts class followed with the well-known Polish National Champion from last year, the bay El Medar (Morion – El Medonia/ Shanghai E.A.). He did not disappoint us this year, winning his class with a score of 91.6 points.

The grey Złoty Medal (QR Marc – Złota Orda/ Pesal) had his day. Greatly presented by Artur Łojowski in the 7-year-old and older stallions class, he left his competitors far behind. He captivated the audience and the judges with his charisma and movement, receiving 92.7 points and a “20” for type. Winning his class unrivaled, he qualified for Sunday’s championships.

Saturday’s mare classes started quite early. Just after 9.00 the yearling fillies appeared in the arena. In section A – Artur Łojowski presented Pustynia Wiktorii (4th place), in section B – Dama Dworu (also 4th place), and in section C two fillies: Livorna (AJ Azaam – Liguria/ El Omari) and Protesta (AJ Azzam – Parmania/ Kahil Al Shaqab). Both entered the top five of their class. Livorna won her class and entered Sunday’s championships, while Protesta was 4th.

After the decorations, the only class this year with nine 2-year-old fillies began. Złota Aura placed second with a score of 91.6 points, second only to the later Polish Champion filly Abellia from Janów Podlaski.

 After the break, the class of 4-6 year old mares of section B, the so-called “class of death”, was won by the spectacularly moving chestnut El Bellisima (Ascot DD – Ekliptyka/ Ekstern) with a score of 93.2 points. This mare received six 20s, including two for type, one for head and neck and three for movement. The second representative was the grey El Medida (Morion – El Medara/ Shanghai E.A.), who received a total of 92.2 points, which unfortunately gave her only 4th place in class. It is worth noting that all five mares from this class received scores above 92 points.

In the next class, mares 7-10, three of our pupils took part: Parantella (Kahil Al Shaqab – Palanga/ Ekstern), Mahira (Ekstern – Mata Hari/ Werbum) and El Medara (Shanghai E.A. – El Emeera/ Ekstern). The class belonged to the grey, dapple Parantella, the mare took first place with a score of 92.6 points, also receiving six “twenties”.

The last class of mares 11 years old and older was a “creme de la creme” of Polish breeding. Seven distinguished grey ladies entered the arena. Among them was our Zigi Zana (QR Marc – Zagrobla/ Monogramm), a mare with a wonderful black eye, beautiful head and incredible movement. With age, the mare has become more and more flea-bitten. The judges had a very difficult task to choose the most beautiful among the beautiful ones. However, it was Zigi Zana who, floating through the arena, deserved the first place in class, to compete for the title of Polish National Champion against much younger friends.

Everyone was waiting for Sunday: breeders and horse owners, the audience and guests gathered in the VIP box.

The day started with the yearling fillies championships. The Gold Champion title was won by the bay Wencedora from the stud of the show’s hosts. Our Livorna won the title of Top Five.

In the junior fillies championship we had only one representative, it was Złota Aura, who also won the Top Five title.

The next championship brought more emotions. Among the junior colts was our bay El Medar, who eventually won the title of Silver Champion Colt, giving way to the grey El Draco RA (Morion – El Medisa/ Shanghai E.A.) bred and owned by Czesław Gołaszewski. It is worth mentioning that El Draco RA is a horse with a pure Michałów pedigree. Congratulations to the owner!

A moment of breath after the decorations of the champions and in a moment the next championship began. As many as 12 senior mares were presented in the arena. The judges looked at the candidates for a long time and carefully. It was quite a challenge! After the votes were counted, the results were announced.

Our Zigi Zana (QR Marc – Zagrobla/ Monogramm) was chosen the Bronze Champion of Poland, while the chestnut El Bellisima (Ascot DD – Ekliptyka/ Ekstern) received the Top Five title.

The last championship held in Janów Podlaski was the Senior Stallion Championship. The only stallion in this age category brought from Michałów was the 11-year-old Złoty Medal.

Just a moment of waiting and the results were announced.

It could not be otherwise, the judges made a unanimous decision that he would become the 2023 POLISH NATIONAL CHAMPION title went to Złoty Medal (QR Marc – Złota Orda/ Pesal)!

Artur Łojowski received the award for the best presenter, and Michałów Stud received the title of the best breeder of the National Show.

Pride of Poland Auction

One of the most important events concerning Arabian horses in Poland is behind us. The annual Pride of Poland auction took place on Sunday, August 13th, bringing a total of 2,151,000 EUR, including 5 horses from Michałów Stud for 1,596,000 EUR. Of the 22 horses offered at this auction, 14 found new owners.

Lot 0 and the first one presented at the auction was Wildona (Shanghai E.A. – Wilda/ Gazal Al Shaqab). The mare was sold to Switzerland for €650,000. However, it was neither an auction record nor a price record for Michałów-bred mares.

The mare El Esmera (Sahm El Arab – Esmeraldia/ QR Marc) was sold to the United Arab Emirates for a spectacular amount of EUR 810,000. While the auction of Wildona was quite lazy, in the case of El Esmera one could feel emotions and efforts to buy.

POP 2023

No Name Gender Colour Year of birth Pedigree Price Country of the highest bidder
1 WILDONA mare grey 2014 Shanghai E.A. - Wilda/ Gazal Al Shaqab 650 000 EUR SWITZERLAND
2 EL ESMERA mare grey 2018 Sahm El Arab - Esmeraldia/ QR Marc 810 000 EUR UAE
3 PESALINA mare dark bay 2018 El Omari - Parmania/ Kahil Al Shaqab 25 000 EUR POLAND
4 WESPERA filly bay 2020 Morion - Wogeza/ Equator 30 000 EUR BELGIUM
5 FERRUM stallion blackbay 2019 Morion - Ferrmaria/ El Omari 81 000 EUR SWEDEN

Monday’s Summer Sale auction also brought a very good result to both the organizers and Michałów Stud.

17 out of 22 horses were auctioned, including as many as 7 out of 9 offered horses from Michałów found new buyers.

The two highest prices obtained during the Summer Auction also belong to the graduates of Michałów Stud; EUR 75,000 was the result of APOLONIA, and EUR 35,000 was offered for EDITORIA.

Emotions about the sale lasted until the very end of the auction. After the mare Forla left the auction ring as unsold, it turned out that the bidder believed that he had bought her for the price he had offered. It was a mistake, but the auction organizer allowed the mare to reappear on the arena, and the bidder this time offered a higher price, and thus Forla also found a buyer.


No Name Gender Colour Year of birth Pedigree Price Country of the highest bidder
1 EDITORIA mare grey 2015 Ekstern - Editha/ Eden C 35 000 EUR NETHERLANDS
2 FORGA mare bay 2019 Morion - Forgissima/ Vitorio TO 31 500 EUR PORTUGAL
3 APOLONIA mare grey 2013 Ekstern - Argolida/ Grafik 75 000 EUR BELGIUM
4 GOLSTERA mare grey 2017 Empire - Goltra/ Alert 18 000 EUR UAE
5 LAMBADA mare grey 2016 Emerald J - Lawinia/ Ekstern 5 000 EUR POLAND
6 EKAJA mare grey 2019 Morion - Ellena/ Ekstern 12 000 EUR NETHERLANDS
7 FORLA mare bay 2015 El Omari - Formia/ Gazal Al Shaqab 10 000 EUR UAE

The total financial result of Michałów from both auctions is EUR 1,782,500,000 (PoP – EUR 1,596 000, Summer Sale – EUR 186,500).

 Thank you very much for supporting our horses in the show competition and during both auctions, and we congratulate the buyers of our horses and wish them success both in showing and breeding.

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