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Lease of the stallion Eryks

The stallion Eryks (Gazal Al Shaqab – Emmona/ Monogramm) left on a two-year lease to Vineyard Arabians (Slovenia).

Eryks is the son of the legendary stallion Gazal Al Shaqab, World Champion, and a very feminine and refined “Monogramm” mare – Emmona.

During his show career, he won the title of Champion Senior Stallion and Best in Show at the Autumn Show in Janów Podlaski (2007) and the title of Polish National Senior Bronze Champion in Janów Podlaski (2014).

The dark bay Eryks is also a great sire. His most famous sons include:

The stallion Cefir, born at Białka Stud, out of the mare Celina by Metropolis NA:

• 2014: Junior Spring Show Top Five, Białka

• 2014: Arabia-Polska Junior Reserve Champion Stallion, Buksza

• 2014: Polish National Junior Top Five, Janów Podlaski

• 2015: Arabia-Polska Senior Reserve Champion Stallion, Buksza

• 2015: Polish National Senior Champion Stallion, Janów Podlaski

and the brown stallion Chimeryk out of the mare Chimera by Emigrant, born in Michałów:

• 2009 Junior Spring Show Champion Stallion – Białka

• 2009 Polish National Junior Top Five – Janów Podlaski

• 2010 Junior Spring Show Top Five – Białka

• 2010 class top five (2 year old colts) at the Polish National Show – Janów Podlaski

• 2010 Autumn Show Junior Top Five – Janów Podlaski

• 2012 class top five (4-6-year-old stallions) at the Polish National Show – Janów Podlaski

Eryks also boasts wonderful daughters such as: Diara, El Mediara, Cirlita, Wentisca and Emersja.

The stallion will cover mares owned by Vineyard Arabians for two years and will also be available to all interested breeders.

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