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Michałów Stud – the best at the show in Tarnów

On the first weekend of July, in a wonderful place which is Klikowska Ostoja Polskich Koni in Tarnów, the reactivated All-Polish Arabian Horse Championship (B) for Arabian horses registered in the Polish Arabian Stud Book took place.

This show was first organized by Stanisław Redestowicz, the owner of Stanred Arabians in Radom in 2016. Unfortunately, the pandemic thwarted the plans and the organization of the show was suspended for several years.

This year, under the patronage of PAHBA, the show returned to the map of events dedicated to Arabian horses in Poland. Organized in a new place, prepared at the highest level, it attracted many breeders who readily entered their horses. Ultimately, 90 Arabian horses appeared at the show.

Michałów Stud brought 12 of its pupils to Tarnów.

The first of Michałów’s horses was the bay Zigi Zahn (AJ Azzam – Zigi Zana/ QR Marc), who won first place in his class and of course qualified for the championship on Sunday.

Zigi Zahn (AJ Azzam – Zigi Zana/ QR Marc)

Then in the yearling fillies class 4C Artur Łojowski had a more difficult task, as he had to present two fillies, Livorna (AJ Azzam – Liguria/ El Omari) and Protesta (AJ Azzam – Parmania/ Kahil Al Shaqab). Livorna turned out to be better than her stablemate and she entered the championship from the first place.

Livorna (AJ Azzam – Liguria/ El Omari)

The time had come for the first 20. Wieża Uczuć, presented in the second series of two year old fillies, was appreciated by the judges and won her class with a score of 91.33 points and four 20s for movement.

Wieża Uczuć (Medalion – Wieża Bajek/ Abha Qatar)

In the late afternoon the senior mare classes were held.

In the 4-6 year old mares class, series A, we had two representatives, Pustynna Lilia (Złoty Medal – Pustynna Kalia/ Esparto) and the grey Esparella (Muranas Jassehr – Esmeraldia/ QR Marc), competing for the first time at the show. Both mares qualified for Sunday’s senior mares championship. Pustynna Lilia (from 2nd place) with 4 x 20 for movement and Esparella (from 3rd place).

Pustynna Lilia (Złoty Medal – Pustynna Kalia/ Esparto)
Esparella (Muranas Jassehr – Esmeraldia/ QR Marc)

The chestnut El Bellisima (Ascot DD – Ekliptyka/ Ekstern) was second to none in the 4-6 year old series B mares class. She won it in great style, led by Artur Łojowski, receiving the highest score of the show so far – 93.58 points, including 9×20.

El Bellisima (Ascot DD – Ekliptyka/ Ekstern)

The last class of the day was the 7-9 year old mares class. Two of our mares Parantella (Kahil Al Shaqab – Palanga/ Ekstern) and Mahira (Ekstern – Mata Hari/ Werbum) and Dellmara SW, bred by Nina Suskevicova from Suweco Stud, entered the arena. All three mares scored over 92 points, but it was Parantella who turned out to be the best and won the class with an amazing score of 93.92 points, receiving as much as 12 x 20 (including type, head and neck and movement).

Parantella (Kahil Al Shaqab – Palanga/ Ekstern)
Mahira (Ekstern – Mata Hari/ Werbum)

It was a very exciting day for the whole Michałów team. Full of hope we waited for the Sunday performances of our oldest mares and the stallion Wizerunek.

Sunday’s class competitions began just after 10.00 am. This time the sun shone brightly from the morning, which promised a very warm day.

In the 10-year-old and older mares class there were 6 grey ladies, including our El Medara (Shanghai E.A. – El Emeera/ Ekstern) and Zigi Zana (QR Marc – Zagrobla/ Monogramm). The competition was high, all the mares deserved the title of the most beautiful, in the end all of them received notes above 92 pts. Ultimately, however, this day belonged to our Zigi Zana. Clearly the mare enjoyed the show, excited by the audience, she showed her best side. The sight of the mare dancing alongside Artur Łojowski will surely stay in our memory for a long time. Her performance can be considered one of the best in her career, she received a set of 20s from the judges for movement, 5 x 20s for type and 2 x 20s for head and neck, she scored 13 “twenties” in total and a final score of 94.25 points.

El Medara (Shanghai E.A. – El Emeera/ Ekstern)
Zigi Zana (QR Marc – Zagrobla/ Monogramm)

In the senior stallions class, in his debut, Wizerunek (Ganges – Wizawa/ Equator) succumbed to the competition and finally finished the show at 4th place.

Wizerunek (Ganges – Wizawa/ Equator)

The gelding class was won by Korab (Pegasus – Karbała/ Emigrant) bred by the Michałów Stud and owned by Magdalena Helak – Kulczyńska.

Korab (Pegasus – Karbała/ Emigrant)

Two saddle classes were also held during the show. Classic Pleasure and Traditional Arabian Riding Classic. There were also horses bred by Michałów Stud, the stallion Elgoriusz (Medalion – Elgora/ Poganin), ridden by the owner Oliwia Kowal, and the gelding Korab (Pegasus – Karbała/ Emigrant) owned by Magdalena Helak – Kulczyńska, ridden by Marta Kulczyńska.

In the Classic Pleasure class, Elgoriusz took 2nd place, Korab 4th, while in the Traditional Arabian Riding Classic it was Elgoriusz who took the highest place on the podium, and Korab was 3rd.

Korab (Pegasus – Karbała/ Emigrant)

After the break, the long-awaited championships began.

Our horses won gold medals in the following championships:

Livorna (AJ Azzam – Liguria/ El Omari) – Golden Champion Yearling Fillies

Livorna (AJ Azzam – Liguria/ El Omari)

Zigi Zahn (AJ Azzam – Zigi Zana/ QR Marc) – Golden Champion Yearling Colt

Zigi Zahn (AJ Azzam – Zigi Zana/ QR Marc)

The Senior Mares Championship belonged entirely to Michałów Stud:

ZIGI ZANA (QR Marc – Zagrobla/ Monogramm) – Golden Champion Mare

EL BELLISIMA (Ascot DD – Ekliptyka/ Ekstern) – Silver Senior Mare Champion

PARANTELLA (Kahil Al Shaqab – Palanga/ Ekstern) – Senior Bronze Champion Mare and the award for Best Head

In addition, Zigi Zana received the award for Best in Show Horse with a racing career, for the Highest Score and crème de la crème, the most important prize awarded by the judges – Best in Show Mare.

Zigi Zana, El Bellisima and Parantella

The atmosphere of the show was unique. The event itself gathered a huge number of Arabian horse enthusiasts and officials associated with Tarnów itself, who watched with curiosity the struggles of horses in classes and the special shows introduced between classes.

It is worth thanking Oliwia Kowal for the great work she put into the preparation of the stallion Elgoriusz, the shows of their duo added colors to the entire event.

We are very proud that we could participate in this event, which we hope will become a permanent part of Tarnów’s schedule.

We would like to thank the organizers, judges for their hard work and fans who strongly supported us.

Photos: Karolina Misztal and Sylwia Iłenda

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