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Polish stud farms as honorary guests of the All Nations Cup

The All Nations Cup took place on September 23rd-24th in Aachen. This is a very difficult show for Arabian horses, filled with stars and medalists known from international rings.

Michałów Stud prepared and presented six of its pupils. They all took part in their classes, and three senior mares qualified for Sunday’s championships. It was El Medida with a score of 92.13 points and 2 x 20s for movement, El Bellisima 91.83 points and Parantella 92.25 points and five “20s” for movement. Unfortunately, none of them won a medal, but it is worth mentioning that the champions were chosen out of 15 mares!

Other horses bred by Michałów Stud also took part in the show, but under new owners.

On Sunday, the 15-year-old mare Lawinia (Ekstern – Luanda/ Emigrant), presented in the colors of Flaxman Arabians, “flew” through the arena, won 3rd place in class with a score of 92.96 points (including unanimous recognition for her movement with six “twenties”) and qualified to the championships after the break.

The second horse from Flaxman Arabians and bred in Michałów was the stallion Kabsztad, son of Platinum World Champion mare Kwestura. The 17-year-old was rated very highly for his performance, receiving a score of 92.50 points (1×20 for type and 5×20 for movement). From the second place in the class he qualified for the championships.

On Sunday afternoon, the grey stallion Equiborn K.A. from Knocke Arabians, a son of Espadrilla by Monogramm, won the silver medal for senior stallions.

This year, the state stud farms belonging to the National Support Center for Agriculture received an invitation from the German VZAP association to present our country and our Arabian horse breeding farms in Aachen at this prestigious show as an honorary guest of the All Nations Cup. In a specially prepared tent leading to the VIP sector, Michałów and Janów Podlaski studs prepared an exhibition of photos by three authors already known for presenting their photographic works during the Polish National Championships in Janów Podlaski and the 70th anniversary of Michałów Stud. The authors Karolina Misztal, Sylwia Iłenda and Mariusz Wideryński also showed their photos in Germany.

An accompanying event was the promotion of a book about an epoch-making horse bred in Michałów – the stallion EKSTERN, published in 300 copies by The Arabian Magazine represented by Samantha Mattocks and Scott Benjamin. On these days, people interested in purchasing the publications could receive personal dedications and autographs from the authors.

The All Nations Cup is behind us, but in a month we will meet at the European Championships in Italy.

Photos: Karolina Misztal & Sylwia Iłenda

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