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HUBERTUS 11.11.2023

On this special day, which is the National Independence Day, the Hubertus Ride took place at Michałów Stud – a celebration of hunters, foresters and riders, organized by the Michałów Riding Club, 1st Mounted Rifle Regiment. Many horse owners responded to the organizers’ invitation. Not only the riders participated (23 pairs showed up), but also carriage drivers, for whom a driving skill competition was held in the afternoon. During Hubertus, the club was represented by riders Marta Jaros on Złoty Medal, Maria Szyper on Forman and Marta Kulczyńska on Korab.


Amelia Iwan Kubuś Geronimo Team GT
Oliwia Rączka Zuzia GT Geronimo Team GT
Amelia Oszczepalska Wista Stajnia Pandoria
Maria Arabasz Wigor Stajnia Pandoria
Emilia Jaroszewska Persja Stajnia Pandoria
Agnieszka Kowal-Rudzka Pandoria Stajnia Pandoria
Marzena Matusiewicz Funkia Stajnia Jazda Konna Atmosfera
Julia Matusiewicz Wezyr Stajnia Jazda Konna Atmosfera
Kamila Mazur Dakar KS Dialog
Zuzanna Dąbrowska Epos KS Bilcza
Roksana Bryła Armenia LKJ Pińczów
Katarzyna Mączka Kenia KJK Wrzosy
Krystyna Janowska Keira KJK Wrzosy
Zuzanna Górna Efme KJK Wrzosy
Nadia Jarosz Estimo KJK Wrzosy
Julia Zabojszcza Belle Histoire Stajnia własna
Kinga Mazurek Porfiron Zagaje 107
Wiktoria Jach Plantea Zagaje 107
Karolina Górnikowska Kandela Zagaje 107
Alicja Jagierska Wykrot Zagaje 107
Marta Kulczyńska Korab KJ Michałów
Maria Szyper Forman KJ Michałów
Marta Jaros Złoty Medal KJ Michałów

The celebrations began with the singing of the National Anthem in the indoor riding arena, then the president, Monika Słowik, welcomed the guests and introduced the equestrian pairs. When the riders left the arena to go to the field for a hunting race, a reconstruction group called Kompania Świętokrzyska entered the arena, with a very spectacular show of fencing with a hussar saber and more. The company, led by Krzysztof Dusik, involved the youngest in the fun, who had the opportunity to obtain the title of squire.

The next point of the celebration was a carriage parade through the streets of Michałów. More than 20 single-horse and double-horse carriages took part in the parade, which then went on a field trip through the surrounding forests. Michałów Stud was represented by two teams with leopard-colored horses: Kazimierz Łuczak and Barbara Skorek with Chorwat and Biotop, and Rafał Szyper and Aneta Morzonek with Baszkir and Balejaż.

The undoubted attraction was the three-horse carriage, consisting of Friesian horses.

After returning, all participants were treated to refreshments in the Old Warehouse, and wonderful bigos (hunter’s stew) was prepared and served by students of the School Complex of the Agricultural Education Center in Chroberz.

The next stage of the event moved to the outdoor competition square and its surroundings. The participants had the opportunity to practice archery, which was prepared by Katarzyna and Krzysztof Kubicki, and once again watch a fencing demonstration. This is also where the horsemen were looking for the fox. The most observant horsewoman turned out to be Oliwia Rączka on the Hutsul mare Zuzia GT, she found the fox and became the queen of the bloodless hunt.

The last point of the Hubertus program was the driving skills competition awaited by all participants. The cones were set up by Mr. Sebastian Widalski, and the judging panel consisted of: Mrs. Katarzyna Widalska – a licensed judge of the Polish Equestrian Association, Mrs. Anna Lach – director of the Chroberz school and Mrs. Magdalena Helak-Kulczyńska – the main breeder of the Michałów stud and vice-president of the club. There were seven one-horse teams, fourteen two-horse teams and one three-horse team.


Paweł Franczak Limfa Prandocin Iły
Maciej Gałdyn Pola Kacica
Tomasz Franczak Limfa Prandocin Iły
Patrycja Łudzik Bryza Prandocin Iły
Jacek Babiarz Bama Śladów
Patrycja Miszczyk Pola Kacica
Oliwia Grelewicz Kwarta Wojsławice
Tomasz Pełka Metys i Książe Racławice
Paweł Pełka Ringo i Flores Racławice
Jakub Łazarz Milo i Negat Wola Badłowska
Mariusz Łazarz Celina i Brazylia Wola Badłowska
Bartosz Banacki Malina i Poziomka Wojsławice
Rafał Szyper Baszkir i Balejaż Stadnina Koni Michałów
Stefan Urban Bryza i Aisza Prandocin Iły
Sebastian Turek Kwarta i Pisanka Wojsławice
Jakub Banach Pisanka i Kwarta Wojsławice
Emilia Łazarz Milo i Negat Wola Badłowska
Dominik Musiał Demon i Tiger Sztejów
Dariusz Bil Eliza i Lucky Nadzów
Andrzej Kierkowski Reja i Rawa Wrocieryż
Marian Sowula Dolar, Helios i Lider Dalechowy

In the single-horse carriage category, the winner was Paweł Franczak and Limfa from Prandocin Iły, while in the pair-horse carriage category, Tomasz Pełka took first place with his horses Metys and Książ from Racławice, just ahead of his brother Paweł Pełka, who drove Ringo and Flores. Of course, in the triples category, the undefeated trio of Friesian horses: Dolar, Helios and Lider, driven by Marian Sowula from the Fryz 27 Stable. Apart from the judges, the carriages were also decorated by Mr. Marcin Saltarski, the organizer of this year’s 1st Nadnidzie Parade of Horse-drawn Carriages and Harness. The winners of the general classification of the harness competition and the queen of the hunt were honored with trophies, and all Hubertus participants received gifts and Michałów calendars.

As befits Hubertus, the event took place in a family atmosphere, full of joy and smiles. The weather, despite previous bad forecasts, was “persistent”. We hope that participants and guests will remember this event very fondly and will respond enthusiastically to the organizers’ invitation next year.

See you in Michałów!

Photos: Sylwia Iłenda

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