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It’s time to succesful journey!

Verona, a city in northeastern Italy, is very often visited by tourists for its artistic and cultural richness. It is the place where Romeo and Juliet’s houses are located. As many of you know they were characters of drama written by William Shakespeare, and that is the reason why their homes are tourist attraction. But this time our eyes will be focused on the event long awaited by breeders and lovers of Arabian horses.


This weekend, Verona will become the arena where the European Championship 2021 will take place. EL MEDIDA (Morion x El Medara / Shanghai EA), EL BELLISSIMA (Ascot DD x Ekliptyka / Ekstern), PROTEKCJA (Ekstern x Pentra / Poganin), EL ESMERA (Sahm El Arab x Esmeraldia / QR Marc), FERRUM (Morion x Ferrmaria / El Omari), EL MAESTRO (Morion x El Medonia / Shanghai EA), ZŁOTA MYŚL (Equator x Złota Bulla / Kahil Al Shaqab) and EL MARIELLA (Morion x El Marina / Ganges) have set off from Michałów State Stud to Verona today in the morning.. Are there future European Champions among them? We will know the answer on Sunday, when we hear the announcement of the judge’s verdict.

Meanwhile, we invite everyone to cheer in front of computer screens. The reliable ArabianEssence team will be responsible for the preparation and implementation of the online broadcasting, which will be available at the following link:



We are going to face first emotions on Saturday morning in qualifications!

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