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Pasture season in full swing

This year’s spring came unexpectedly earlier than usual, bringing sun and high temperatures. The grass and vegetation seemed to be waiting for it and in the blink of an eye they burst into lush greenery and flowers.

We couldn’t wait any longer and started the pasture season in April. After the long winter months, the broodmares happily welcomed the pastures they were familiar with from previous years. Every morning, at full gallop, they cross the avenue with lushly blooming chestnut trees, only to sink into the green grass in a moment. Foals also benefit from the warm sunlight, spending the whole day playing with their peers.

Apart from Arabian horses, Michałów Stud is famous for its Małopolska horses with a characteristic leopard-colored coat.

We invite you to view Karolina Misztal’s and Tomasz Janyst`s photo gallery.

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