On July 22nd-23rd, the Sopot Arabian Horse Show took place at the Hippodrome in Sopot. The show was organized for the fourth time, on the outdoor arena. Unfortunately, the weather this year was very capricious – the event took place alternately in the rain, with strong winds or in flashes of the sun. 57 horses were entered for the show, three less showed up on the arena. 28 horses came from Poland, the remaining horses were imported by European training centers.

Michałów Stud entered four horses:

Dama Dworu (Morion – Dama Róż/ Vitorio TO) – Yearling fillies class

Wieża Uczuć (Medalion – Wieża Bajek/ Abha Qatar) – Junior fillies class

Pustynna Lilia (Złoty Medal – Pustynna Kalia/ Esparto) – Senior mares class

El Medar (Morion – El Medonia/ Shanghai E.A.) – Junior colt class

Dama Dworu (Morion – Dama Róż/ Vitorio TO)
Wieża Uczuć (Medalion – Wieża Bajek/ Abha Qatar)
Pustynna Lilia (Złoty Medal – Pustynna Kalia/ Esparto)
El Medar (Morion – El Medonia/ Shanghai E.A.)

The first presented horse from Michałów was the two-year-old El Medar. Morion’s bay, well-built son took second place in class and received the “Best European” award, thus qualifying for the championships the next day.

El Medar (Morion – El Medonia/ Shanghai E.A.)

The B section of the junior stallions class was won by the three-year-old Hafeet by Ajman Moniscione out of the Michałów-born mare El Omarissa. On Sunday, during the competition in the championship, he received the Gold Medal. Congratulations to the owner of the colt, TM Arabian Stud from Slovakia.

Hafeet (Ajman Moniscione – El Omarissa/ El Omari)

The yearling Dama Dworu was the first of the fillies to compete. She is also a daughter of the stallion Morion, who is doing great as a sire. The filly also received the “Best European” award for her performance and entered Sunday’s championships from second place.

Dama Dworu (Morion – Dama Róż/ Vitorio TO)

The other two charges of Michałów Stud had to recognize the superiority of their competitors in the classes. Wieża Uczuć was ranked sixth, while Pustynna Lilia was ranked fourth.

The championships started on Sunday at 1:30 p.m. This time, Michałów Stud returned without medals, but it’s nice that the offspring of horses from our stables are present on the show rings and give their owners a lot of joy.

A great idea to relieve emotions during the championships is the “Amateur Presenters Class”. The horses are presented by amateurs to thunderous applause from the audience. Pustynna Lilia shown by Grzegorz Pajązkowski took second place in this class, while the third place with Wieża Uczuć was taken by a well-known rider of the gelding Korab – Marta Kulczyńska.

Marta Kulczyńska & Wieża Uczuć
Grzegorz Pajączkowski & Pustynna Lilia

During the show there was also a gelding class, in which the winner was a horse with a pedigree coming from Michałów stables – the bay WAHAJ AT (Morion – Wieża Róż / Ekstern), owned by Al Thumama Stud, was chosen Gold Champion. Congratulations to the owner!

Another championship is behind us. We would like to thank our loyal fans for their support, congratulations to the winners, and in a few weeks we will meet at the most important event for Polish breeding, which is the Polish National Championships.

See you in Janów!

Photos: Karolina Misztal, thank you!

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