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Wednesday at the races (August 25th, 2021)

Wednesday’s racing day, this time held at Tor Partynice in Wrocław, brought us another dose of unforgettable emotions.

After RACE I (Race for 3-year-old Arabian horses of the Polish breeding group II entered in the PASB), played at the distance of 1907 m, we celebrated the victory of grey, 3-year-old stallion ENDEMOL (Wares x Echala / DA Adios). ENDEMOL, ridden by Małgorzata Kryszyłowicz, and trained by Wiesław Kryszyłowicz, outclassed his rivals after entering the final stretch and crossed the finish line as the first one.


RACE II (International exterior race for 3-year-old Arabian horses of group II) brought us more paid places, this time taken by our two, 3-year-old fillies, GANDARA (Empire x Gandahara / Pegasus) and ESSELITA (Złoty Medal x Ekliptyka / Ekstern). GANDARA, trained by Wiesław Kryszyłowicz and ridden by Kamil Grzybowski, led the race after a very good start and controlled the speed of the race. Nevertheless, after entering the final stretch she had to give way to the winner of this race. ESSELITA, trained by Petro Nakoniechnyi and ridden by Natalia Hendzel, took fourth place.


In the RACE V, held at a distance of 2,200 m (Race for 3-year-old Arabian horses of the 1st national breeding group registered in the PASB), the fourth and fifth places were taken respectively by FRAGOLA (EL Omari x Formiss / Esparto), ridden by Anton Turgaev and WINIETTA (Forman x Wkraza / Albedo) ridden by Kumushbek Dogdurbek Uulu, FRAGOLA is trained by Wiesław Kryszyłowicz, while WINIETTA develops under the supervision of Małgorzata Kryszyłowicz.


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